I have been grinding for this weapon and have not had any luck. Was hoping to see if anyone is giving one out! Mayhem 10 preferred. Thank you in advance!

I have a few. Any certain annoints your after?

If you have an annoint that gives extra splash damage then that would be fantastic. Other than the just mayhem 10.

Sounds good. I don’t think I have that anoint but I will check and send something your way. Any certain element your looking for

You are awesome first of all! haha But I think non elemental would be best. I really just want to use the weapon to debuff stuff so my pet can kill bosses faster :stuck_out_tongue: Also apologies for my slow replies. I made an account for this post and am new to this site!

Also question. Where would you personally farm the weapon? I have been doing General Traunt at Desolations Edge on mayhem 10

They switched it up. You now have to farm anointed x-2 or x-3(I can’t remember which one) in the anvil map. You encounter them in the side quest malevolent practice(I think). I was farming the annointed x-4 for the boom sickle and the other 2 would show up as well.

X-2 in the Anvil after the quest Malevolent Practice. He’s pretty generous

OH MY GOSH. I didnt know the spawn for the weapon changed so now I have some! Thank you!