Saboteur Drop Rate Bug?

Does anybody know if there’s a problem with the Saboteur mission? We ran it about 10 times last weekend and ended up getting legendary drops 5 times, but never got a drop from the final boss. Now, with the drop rate increase, we’ve just finished it twice in a row and gotten one legendary, again not from the final boss. So far all he’s giving is green gear. Did they remove his legendary from the drop table?

Only mission I’ve been running also, and the drops have been crap. Haven’t even tried the other stages, kind of burned out from it all

That’s the problem I’ve had. After so many tries last weekend without getting it and then two tries on the super ultra mega loot drop increase and not getting it I just can’t justify trying anymore.

Yup, it’s my biggest issue with Gearbox, their farmable legendary drop rates are absolutely garbage ever since Borderlands, and it’s the biggest reason why I get so burned out with their games. The gameplay is enough to keep people coming back, between the style, match types, lore challenegs, there’s no reason to continue forcing us to chase a tiny carrot over and over and over and over and over.

Sorry, been venting for the past couple days about the stupid drop rates. Just infuriating. 4Th game of theirs I have had to deal with it, and borderlands 3 is on the horizon.

Lol. The drop rates have actually been really good lately, until the end of the world of loot as we know it.

We ran an advanced sentinel last night and the boss dropped nothing…I don’t mean he dropped nothing good. I mean nothing came out of him…lootpocalypse this is not. I’ve never seen ANY boss not produce on death. Something is very wonky guys.

Yeah, it seems some of the Sentinel bosses (even vyn and arc) are bugged to sometimes not drop anything at all (no coins, loot, etc). No idea why that happens, but it does.

As far as the Saboteur, I just got one of his Legendary drops today (tonic) and have gotten enough boots to start a shoe-store. His drops are still in the pool, I guess he’s just been stingy with you guys…just like ISIC is stingy with me.

I see. Well, damn. We’ve definitely been Saboteuring our asses off, but it looks like it’s just us. We’ve ended up with a BUNCH of Modernistas and Singularities, but so far the last boss has only dropped common and uncommon gear. I had hoped that during Lootpocalypse we’d have better luck, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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We’ve been running Saboteur relentlessly looking for the boots of the brute from foreman grall but no luck…

Plenty of drops from the other two (about 7 time killers) but only one Synthaline tonic from Grall and plenty of garbage.


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I’m in the same boat. Was hoping to get the Boots this weekend but no dice…

Played the mission three times during Lootpocalypse, each boss has dropped me a legendary so far, as well as the last boss

This exact thing happened to me too. Clearly some kind of bug.