Saboteur Mike: Sabotage Stealth Build

(Havicstone) #1

Hello All i am going to be giving you a Simple Mike Build today nothing off the wall. This is the build i use for mike when i am on a split team what is a split team will check out my guide Here and you will understand.So with out further waiting lets get started shale we.

Playstyle and Roll: This mike build is designed to infiltrate and sabotage the enemy base. Your job as a Saboteur will be to flip turrets capture the enemy thrall camp and harass outgoing minions and even the sentry itself. This build requires a High lvl of dueling skill as you will be running a solo mission inside the enemy base and you will have a high possibility of engaging hostiles.

Gear: Gear with Cooldown reduction Shards per second and reload speed


Frag Grenade
Launch a grenade that explodes 3 seconds after launch or 1 second after impact, dealing up to 200 Damage to each enemy within its blast radius. Cooldown: 17 Seconds

Note: This is your main minions clear early LvL’s when your on your sab run its your main tool of play in choke points.People tend to not want to come though its Large AoE so its also a tool to use for Zoning and area control


Target an area to strike with 13 laser-guided missiles, each of which explodes dealing 250 damage to nearby enemies. Cooldown: 60 Seconds

Note: This is your ultimate like the grenade its used for area control no one will stand in it. You can how ever trait it to slow as well as use frag grenade and air strike to blanket and decimate a choke point.

Stealth Generator

Activate a cloaking device obscuring Oscar Mike from view and radar detection for 9 seconds. Attacking or using a skill cancels the effect. Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Note:Your main get away tool and the main way of getting in and out of the enemy base unseen.If you know your you cant handle a fight don’t wait till you neer death get the hell out Nothing like having all that hard work undone because you f**ked up


Tactical Rounds

The first 15 rounds of each Assault Rifle magazine deal 50% additional damage.

Here Is the Mike Build In question ii will go over early mid and late game play below.,-1,-1,1,1,-1,0,1,-1,1,

Early Game LvL 1-3: Wave Clear and Shard Gather
At the start of the match you will want to gather shards and assist in wave clearing ASAP your going to need a good amount of shards to flip enemy turrets. So you will want to wave clear and gather as much shards as you can while insuring your allies have control over the middle thrall camp before its time to begin your SAB run.Your upgraded Frag grenades will insure you have enough stomping power to quickly LvL up to LvL 4 In a short period of time.

Mid Game LvLS 4-7: Time to Begin your Run
This is the point were your dmg will take a huge jump forward. Mite will also gain the much needed speed boost to his stealth allowing for faster traversal of the enemy camp.When you start your run you will want to head straight to the enemy thrall camp and flip it this will give all the enemy turrets in there base a big target to hit while you destroy them. You will want to go for the rocket turret first destroy and flip it before destroying the other turrets.

The next turrets on the list are the accelerator and side lightning turrets flipping these two in particular will insure enemy minions are eradicated. This choke point is a sorta safe haven because you will be able to collect shards here and will probably meet up with enemy hostiles and the lightning turret will give you additional stomping power to help kill them not to mention your AoE’s here will devastating along side the turret.

Late Game 8-10: Additional Enhancements
Mikes late game at this points simply Enhances His ability’s and allow for better area control with the added utility to his ultimate and greater AoE radius fighting in the lightning turrets choke point will be even more the sweeter. All you hard work will by now have cause the enemy to split there forces to try dealing with you this is one of the main jobs of then build to split up the enemy team and at this moment its probably best that you don’t die at all so you can continue flipping thralls and turrets inside the base till your allies push into the enemy camp.

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(badguy5 on YouTube) #2

Really interesting. I hadn’t thought of that playstyle.

From the title, I was expecting more Stealth talents, but “meh”.

What about gear? I’m assuming Cooldowns and Shards?


(Havicstone) #3

yes cooldown and reload speed gear but tbh its up to you


(Bukowsvr) #4

Cool build. i never thought of that kind of play style for him. Looking through the helix though wouldn’t the shield pen talents be worth more than the straight dmg ones, since his shield pen can go through the sentry shields?


(Havicstone) #5

I Kinda fell out of love with shield pen again you can stack what ever you want on gear imho


(Bukowsvr) #6

Most defiantly I was just curious if it was more beneficial with the sab style gameplay. That’s the beauty of this game you can build to your likes and play style


(Havicstone) #7

with the sab gameplay the shard per second was important imho it help when flipping enemy turrets


(Havicstone) #8

i tried shield pen alot but it didn’t seem to work on sentry shields