Saboteur Staffing Problem

When starting up the Saboteur it is mentioned that Rendain’s outpost here has a “Hilarious staffing problem.” Now maybe I am just being dense but what are they talking about lol??

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They’re short on staff? There seem to be a lot of Varelsi and an inherent lack of Thralls in some areas.

Mate, think about it.

1-5 people infiltrate the facility and sabotage it with no major military support. I’d call that hilariously understaffed.

They’re probably referring to the fact that other facilities controlled by Rendain have hundreds of times more security, and no team of 1-5 Battleborn could ever manage to break in

Keep in mind we’re doing missions for the other factions to gain their allegiance and compel them to fight with us at the Heliophage. We as the Battleborn are actually a tiny elite force that has to take advantage of favourable situations to disrupt enemy plans. A good example is how we let Ekkunar get burned because we don’t have the power to save it, but we at least managed to save some of the data in the Archives there.


Thanks lol, think I was just I expecting something a little more “In your face” BL2 style.

Thorns lore regarding the Ekkunar mission made me very sad :frowning: I love how they manage to make the gameplay (mostly) hilarious and yet the lore so deep and satisfying.

In any case, thank you for the clarification!!

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It’s not a dumb question because I have had the exact same question. I just assume he means it doesn’t have much in the way of guards and/or workers. It is largely empty when you get there and all the enemies have to warp in via anchor or portal.

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