Saboteur still broken

Just tried Saboteur after hotfix with Montana. Still broken. Thrall to powerful 3 hits and my shields are down.

Don’t try to solo it with Montana?

I just solo’ed it on advaned. Played a one man (woman) zone defense with Galilea (hotfix nerf really isn’t noticible inb PvE) and didn’t have any issues. I think it might be easier to solo or with one other than a full group, from what I’ve read though. Granted, I only really excel at the defense missions with Melee or AOE focused Battleborn. I play close to the defense point in all of them and let the buildables do their job thinning out the ranks before they get to me. Seems to work well on all of the defense/horde missions. Only venturing away towards the end of the wave.

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Nvm i realized i had it in advance lol