Saboteur Troubles

Good news everyone! Another scrub having trouble with Saboteur on Advanced. Naturally it is with Defend point 3.

So, I have been running it with 2 other friends (so a 3 man group), one playing Alani, another has tried Whiskey and Melka, and I have made attempts with Toby, Galilea, and ISIC. Not sure what they have been running gear-wise, but I typically got with HP regen, Shard Gen, and then usually shield pen. While, we understand certain things need to be dealt with ASAP, I feel one of our biggest issues is prioritizing targets and not running every which way (at least that is the feeling I get, not going to speak for the other 2).

So, my questions to you all that have proven your skills and beaten it are these;

1.) How should targets be prioritized? I typically value killing Channelers and Disruptors (the ones that shoot spikes out of the ground and knock you into the air), but maybe I am wrong on this.

2.) Is it better to just have each member cover a specific part of the map and help in other areas when they can?

3.) Should I just round up 2 more people and do it as a 5 man to provide a more versatile team? I know I can get 2 more, it is just getting everyone together.

4.) Any character and/or gear recommendations would be great, even if they are just the characters listed above.

Thanks everyone for any feedback/ help/ advice in advanced. And sorry for any mistakes in the post, I will fix them when I am home and not on my phone. Cheers!

I think its been agreed upon the less people the better as The health of the thing youre defending doesnt scale well with the damage output+tankiness of enemies. So…Solo, whiskey foxtrot with his helix mod for health regen on kill is the best I believe but I may be wrong.

ISIC and Kleese are always the go-to characters for trivializing defense missions. Energy rifts from Kleese and ISIC just shredding things with his ult are the best things in areas where you don’t have to move around terribly much. Also, you’ll probably have an easier time with just 3 compared to 5. More players means that the mission scales up, and generally the scaling is more severe than the benefits you get with more players. More players do, however, give you better score, if you’re worried about that.

As far as priorities: Scaven first, always. They’re small but do crazy amounts of damage, and if one slips past you to the core, it can destroy it in mere seconds. Disruptors are a good second, but generally I find it’s better to kill little things quickly when you can, rather than punch on a tough enemy that isn’t going to die soon. The sooner an enemy dies, the less damage you have to worry about flying around everywhere, and even Skulks and Primal Thralls can do a lot of damage if left unchecked.

If you go with Kleese and ISIC, I think it’s good to have Kleese drop rifts in the little area around the core, and have ISIC camp the area outside the core in his ult mode. You should try to have one person mobile enough to kill problem ranged enemies if they’re hanging out behind the core, though.

Edit: Also, one piece of advice: don’t have someone actually standing right next to the core unless you really have to. If an enemy misses you, or throws a grenade, it’ll do core damage. Should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t think about this.


Huh, never really occurred to me to think that way. I always thought, “big guy, big damage,” but it has always been that one or two scavs that sneak past that start the snowball of problems.

Probably run that plan by my friends too. Hopefully they are into the idea. My biggest questions for it is, what qualifies as “outside of the core”? I have seen some people say that and it is a little vague. Does that just mean anywhere not in that little alcove you need to stand in to start the defense or does it expand to the platform it connects to?

Other question is does linking Kleese’s Energy Rifts increase the damage they do?

You have my thanks, and if this works out you will have an additional 999 thanks so you get your proper thousand.

You mean for ISIC to wander around? “Outside the core” in that case is the area outside the main “entrance” into the core’s alcove. Generally, you want to make sure that you can always see the core’s entrance whenever possible, so that platform the core connects to is where you should be concentrating your defense. The trap there is a great spot for a temporal trap that won’t die instantly.

Also, thumper turrets. Always have thumper turrets.

This was really casual… Even got gold despite playing like ass. My one death was from the jump pad jump for some reason launching me off the ledge…

thats a link to the end run of the mission on advanced with thorn.

Preferably with galilea the gear I run is all attack speed and attack speed with melee hit since most gear will have those clauses maybe a health regen one but I’m not completely fond of it unless it’s galileas legendary

Team comp is everything. 1 tank, 1 dedicated support, 2 Damage Dealers, & the last character could be most anything, but a combat support like Alani or Reyna are probably best.

Tank needs to always be near the point, dedicated support should prioritize tank heals, 1 damage dealer should be close enough to the dedicated support that he can help protect the point if necessary, finally, the combat support should be with a mobile damage dealer and roaming around the area taking out ranged threats.

This is the way I always do it with a group. I got a silver on advanced while soloing it as WF, though, so If you really want it beat, just solo it with either a territorial or a ranged character.