Sad But True Experience

Just did something I never wanted to or thought I would do.
After trying to matchmake in 4 different queues for about 10 minutes and only getting a 2 player op that the other player quit, I took the Battleborn disc out of my XBOX ONE and put in…
Does ANYONE play on XBO any more? The “short” queues took about 2 minutes.

I play xbox one and have fast queue times, maybe where you live has a small population?

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There is nothing wrong. You will probably get back soon.

Have fun in Ow, hope to see you back soon


That’s like nothing ^^. Today I waited for 30 minutes in a quick match PC queue and not a single soul appeared. I already have those 2 daily quests where I need to kill 3 and 5 battleborn with an ult. Gonna take awhile.

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If I had the physical disc I would probably take it out a few times already and then back in a couple times a week

For some reason I’ve been noticing an alarming increase in PS4 Queue times as well on most modes. Nothing crazy, but definitely more wait time than I have had ever seen before. Guess the population is shrinking significantly.


Vacations maybe?

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i’ve been playing a lot of persona 5 and trying out the dark souls 3 DLC so i haven’t been on battle-born lately. A lot of nice things have been coming out.

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It happens with many games. People do take breaks as time passes because of new games that are being released. I’m just speculating here, but the one thing that is rare to see though, is how a game can have players with an average playtime of around 400 hours. Such as Battleborn.


I honestly don’t know any Australians who still play Battleborn. @triazic are you still sticking it out?

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Yep. Although I’m presently dabbling in pc gaming with team fortress 2 and trying to get my friend to beat the first boss in Bloodborne lel.

But yeah, I still play Battleborn. I did say I would be the last Australian.


The last of the Aussie-hicans…

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With the exception of Bots Battle.

Which says something about how the new blood feels about any and all Q M and Incursion modes and the old blood they encounter there.

Huh, and here I’ve been looking at this for the past hour and a half… At least Battleborn let’s me into the main menu.

Aren’t the servers down for maintenance?

Yeah… every time I have time to play Overwatch… ;/

Up in the not-so-frozen north, it’s university exam season right now. That’ll take out some players, for sure.

Well, I can’t say im Helping the issue, because currently OW is controlling me… with the new event lootboxes. As such, I don’t want to hop onto BB just to queue up for 30 minutes and get a stomping 5 minute match.

I don’t want to spend 3 hours playing 5 matches. Its a waste of time. And as it stands, I think I’ll take a break till the next patch. I need the balence changes. Hunger for them.


It’s possible.
I wish it wasn’t. I’ve loved this game since it came out, but it’s no fun to play by yourself. :frowning: