Sad spinner :((

for your next individual weapon adjustments could you maybe loot at the destructo spinner?
its damage is still very suboptimal and useless
different borderlands weapon lits still state that the weapon switch determines which element will do splash damage while…it doesnt deal splash damage at all
so why does it even have the switch tbh?

i know i am repeating myself from a few monts ago but
please look at this weapon
it has so much potential

Today I learned what the switch does on that thing. :+1:

which is?

That switching elements should (though it apparently doesn’t work) determine which one throws splash damage. I honestly had no idea what it did. :laughing:

yea, thats what i said
all the wikis say that
but there is no splash so…

Yeah, I literally just found out reading your post. Also how do we know that’s what the switch does? Like it worked like this in the past and then stopped? It says it on the card? Someone asked the weapon to turn its head and cough?

(As I type this, I’m actually in-game, but can’t be bothered to fetch it out of Sanctuary for a while - I’ll try to reproduce your results).

i think that people just expected it to work like that using he fact that most maliwan weapons have splash damage and the shots also look a little like they are doing small explosions?
but they dont
you cant hurt yourself, they have no splash radius indicator and also means of destruction doesnt proc

Adab’s entry in the 3rd grade science fair:

Purpose: peer review of reported Maliwan SMG “Destructo Spinner” damage behavior.

Hypothesis: Destructo Spinner does not produce splash, regarldess of mode switch

Experiments to test hypothesis:

  • you cant hurt yourself
  • they have no splash radius indicator
  • means of destruction doesnt proc


  • Gunner (1) with points in Means of Destruction
  • Destructo Spinner (1)
  • SMG ammo (1800)

Conclusion: if it’s supposed to throw splash, I don’t see it either along any of those metrics.

Yea, can you make an experiment on what this switch button is there for?

I’m sort of just playin’, but did want to see what you were talking about.

Seriously though, did that thing ever throw splash? What makes us think it should? (And if the answer is ‘the wiki’, what makes them think it does)?

well, its maliwan and it looks a bit like it did

I opened a support ticket - hope to hear either, “no splash intended” or “it’s in the queue for a fix” (or even, “had no idea, we’ll look into it”, as I’m not sure this has actually been brought to their attention).

I referred to this thread in the ticket, so if there’s anyone else on any platform at any level who can check this weapon for splash output, please add a reply (and be excellent by adding your platform), posting whether or not you found this weapon throwing any splash damage.

Ticket number 5957350: I’ll post whatever feedback I get.

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I’m in a conversation with tech support about it now, and I might be at a point where I need to Karen up and ask for an escalation.

At the moment, the line of inquiry is (and I’m paraphrasing here), “can you farm for a non-anointed one because the anointment (projectile speed on Action Skill End for this one) is overriding the mode switch”.

For those of you who’ve been playing the game for any length of time know, the anointment text is known to cover up the bottom set of text that describes some weapon behavior on an item card. For example, I can’t tell what kind of tracker my Atlas gear has if it’s anointed because the anointment text sits over that portion of the item card (but the weapon still has a tracker type). An issue with the text on the item card interfering with a weapon’s mechanics either indicates that this person has limited experience with the game, or there’s an astoundingly bad flaw in the item card/function (both of which sort of lend themselves to escalation here, I think).

This makes me question the, “no splash on this weapon” statement too, though frankly I find this encouraging, because this weapon would be way better with splash. Anyway, this might take a while to get in front of the right people. I’ve got an open case about the lack of sound from Digby’s Smooth Tube as well, and this is currently at the, “send a video of the rifle not making the sound” stage. :neutral_face:

afaik there havent been a description about its behavior before anointments were introduced?

its just…silly xD
there has never been any function to this

I’m a little leery about finding out that what’s broken about the weapon is that the mode switch is to actually switch between elements like a normal Maliwan weapon, and that its behavior of shooting both at the same time is unintended behavior, making the gimmick just the (one element at a time)) spiraling shots.

Still - I’m sure it’s supposed to have splash.

it would make sense if the selected element would splash, yea
thats what the wikis say, too
but it doesnt^^

Nerf Destructo Spinner! Its op. Proof logic and scientific hypothermia or whatever here

I have a feeling that if/when they get around to looking after little things like this weapon behavior, it’ll be a regular, dual-element Maliwan weapon, where it only fires one element at a time, and the mode switch swaps between them normally. We’ll see if they add splash, but the weapon gimmick would just be the spiraling (single-element) rounds. I think it’s going to get kicked in front of a developer shortly.

i dont think so
the double element is really something special about this weapon and shouldnt be removed
maybe they just buff it and remove the switch
maybe they add any effect to the switch

I thought all maliwan weapons dealt splash…