Saddle Up or Hell's Coming With Me to Get to OFEOY

I use Jakobs weapons on my Nisha. My main gun is the Luck Cannon, but I also use the Flayer, Hammer Buster II, Striker, Maggie, blue or purple Coach Guns, and Gatling Guns. Here is the base build that I use with mainly a Celestial Lawbringer, blue High-Rolling Crapshooter, or Six-Shooter COM. Generic, you say? Yes, I know that I am boring.

I find that I have little to no trouble with survivability, and I deal tons of damage with this build. I did not have too much trouble taking down EOS with the dual Luck Cannons.

I was wondering which skill I should take to get to OFEOY. Should I put 5 points in Saddle Up, or Hell’s Coming With Me? Which skill adds more DPS, the extra gun damage of Saddle Up, or the extra fire rate with Hell’s for Jakobs weaponry?


I would take both actually.

Hell’s is a no brainer, and would be my short answer.

Take some points out of hot lead and put them in saddle up. 20% increase in damage as a kill skill, and extra movement speed is much better than a conditional 25% on crits, in an element that both shields and armor resist and that has no DOT in vacuum.

If you don’t want to change your points around, I say Hell’s, hands down.

Thanks! I think I will get rid of Hot Lead and use both Saddle Up and Hell’s. I got used to using Hot Lead, but it really is not that useful. I just got to thinking that I had to use all non-elemental skills when using non-elemental guns.

Personally, I’d do the following:

-4 Bottled Courage (I don’t notice any difference with or without, but it’s boosted by the Celestial Lawbringer COM, so I leave one point in)

-1 Short Fused (I only ever see 1 extra damage from this)

+5 Saddle Up

+5 Hell’s Comin with Me

+1 One for Each of Ya

please don’t ruin your build by removing short fused, its a massive increase in dps and worth the 1 skill point, also if your using the luck cannon why don’t you have one for each of ya? your trying to do too much with your build you need to simplify it. take a look at my build here in this thread, and watch the video. its worth your time.

My Jakobs Build Thread

Actually, that’s what he’s doing: he’s going down the tree to get it, and asking what to take on the way down.

I also agree: While not as massive a damage increase as proposed, Short fused is well worth the 1 point.

Spend 2 on Faster 'n You and 3 on Hell’s.
Though, I’m personally really sceptic about Short Fused, personally think thatt the point is better spend on Hell’s… aswell.

Oh, also no matter what you decide to do with your build. If your choosing between saddle up or hells, for sure I know that at least for jakobs guns hells adds way more dps than saddle up can. But personally I would leave all your points in hot lead and drop ruthless and get saddle up and hells. :smile:

If your wanting to stick with celestial lawbringer com drop 4 points from ruthless and 4 from bottled courage to allow yourself more points to up your dps elsewhere. The lawbringer com alone is all the survivability you need. No point in wasting good points on skills you most likely won’t miss having over maxed.