Sadly Finding it Hard To Enjoy FaceOff So Far

I love a lot about FaceOff mode - the Varelsi everywhere, the seemingly random teleports into the Void, the crazy fast pace and intensity, BUT - 80 percent of my mstches so far (between 15 and 20) have been against teams of obviously all high level players who are using mastered Kleese, S&A, Gali, Ambra, Ernest, etc and basically rushing the deposit point right off the bat and holding it for the entire rest of the match.

I had a run of 4 victories where I found a couple team mates who happened to be on mic, and, after getting zero point stomped by a team consisting of a team set up I mentioned above, we proceeded to win 4 matches in a row by ADOPTING THE EXACT SAME CHARACTERS AND TACTICS OF THE TEAM THAT STOMPED US.

On our 6th match, we came up against a team that did what we were doing, only better, and got our asses handed do us.

Combine this with the fact that Command Rank is no longer visible in lobbies, so unless you want to make title based assumptions and back out of a match before it starts to requeue, you have no idea what potential skill levels your team mates are at until you see them play, AND if you happen to be one of those unlucky players who seems to get teamed up with lower level players FAR more often than higher level ones, and it has made for a rather hellish and frustrating afternoon of PVP.

Also, FaceOff seems to be drawing people away from the Quick Match / Incursion queues, so I’ve even been having trouble finding those matches.

Good times…


Guess im alone in this opinion…?

Haven’t tried face off purely because I don’t have much interest in the mode, one day though. Incursion is pretty much all I play and I’ve been getting decent wait times. Not fast exactly, but within a few minutes (PS4). The way you’re describing you’re experiences seems similar to any other game mode, Team composition. Some characters perform much better at specific tasks. I guess the ones they and you used were perfect for that task. I…guess that’s just the way it is. Experiment with other characters, compositions.

Not totally sure what to suggest other than that, good days and bad days I guess.

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I dig it. With a communicative team, it’s a great and unique experience.

The levels come fast, the team fights are great, and the map layouts work really really well.



I agree it does shine with communication.

I thought it was a decent movie, but i hate Nicholas Cage with a passion that is so frightening, that looks WOULD kill, if my hatred of him was granted physical form.


You can still see their ranks through the scoreboard in game if you go to their player name and click on it, it still shows like before but of course thats only in match, but just in case you haven’t tried it. I know you can’t back out before checking but yeah, just in case. And I do agree, the intensity is great but its also soooooo damn hectic, I found my few matches to be more chaotic than actual chaos rumble lmao. Except for the 5v5 el dragon matches those were all hell breaking lose on Solus but yeah they’re quite overwhelming and majority of the time I didn’t know I was losing the 100+ masks i had by teleporting so you’re really forced to run/die/buy supply stations.

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Funny, I said this would happen.

Also groooooooooooosssssssssssssss Enerst and Kleese camping the same spot.

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I never really ran into this issue… I can see that being annoying but that’s it. Hmmm. Things I’ve seen -Ambra is really good at nuking the middle, Benedict is great to nuke and arrive from a different area (not the choke point) and so is Deande. (Can also ult the middle) Reyna is also good ult-ing the middle for protection. It’s good to have a tank and a healer as well. Montana seems to be really good in faceoff.

And remember, if they are camping the middle- that means they aren’t collecting heads and not leveling up. Play a couple of games we gave all our 500 heads to 1 character and had him deposit it in 1 shot lol


Yet to play it, just running through the Thrall Rebellion nonstop but uh… haven’t you made three posts about this all with slightly different Faceoff related topics?

I really don’t care for face-off, but I think that’s more a question of it being even more teamwork and coordination-centric than the other already teamwork-sensitive pvp modes, so if players on a given side can’t or won’t work together it turns into a complete fail-parade even faster than usual.

I like the idea of it, but the actual experience of it makes me more likely than not to have it fairly low on my list of things to do, Perhaps in a few weeks players will have enough practice to wrap their heads around it, but unless you either group with friends or luck into players who have some idea what to do with the in-game communication tools, it’s probably going to be a bad scene.

I still expect to poke at it now and then.


Swarming everywhere as a 5 person squad with comms is brutally effective in this game mode.

I imagine solo queue would be truly awful.


The boss fight is just one team wipe after another. I love how Gali can pop her ult to heal (and later max corruption) before zoning in, and then she immediately gets it back again. It’s like the game is just begging her to go on a rampage.

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Getting to knoooooow Gali, getting to know allllllllll about Gali…

She’s so super serious. I still don’t know how I feel about her, except that her diabolical laugh is super sexy (almost as sexy as Ambra’s evil laughter, and that’s saying something.)

Easily one of the best Face Off picks, though. I think Kleese is overrated in this mode, incidentally, as there’s so much to gain from being mobile!

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Agree. Starting to see Kleese as more of a liability than anything, particularly if he camps the collector from the start.

How do you give points to your party members?!?

Press the “teleport to base” button -you will see the heads shoot out of you and go to the nearest BB. If not it will just be on the floor.

Wooo!!! Thx for the info!!! I didnt knew!!

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