Safe game errors and lost planets

Loading game since last play, on 9/15 and the discovered planets are visible on galaxy schematic, but gone in fast travel locations. But the missions on the planets are still active. Can’t fast travel back to last played Maliwan planet. Tried reloading cloud saved data with no success…lost All My ViP loot and now can’t play beyond pandora and sanctuary. Is there a fix or am I going to have to start all over to hope my progress is properly saved?


I got to the planet quit the game loaded it back up and I ended up in sanctuary. Now I can’t finish my missions or even travel to the planet. It’s on my map and it tells me to go there but the place is undiscovered.

Apparently there is a door near Ellie, otherwise I used multiplayer to get myself back to the planet

Ya I tried the door and nothing. The pods there but I can’t use it. Also I tried the co-op thing but when I get back to just me same thing can’t get to the planet.Re downloading it right now to see what will happen.

Same. I started and alt the switched back and I can only fast travel to 2 locations on Pandora I can no longer click on Prometheus or athenas

Same thing happened to me after I started a new character and came back. Stuck with two planets “Unable to activate point of interest”. Only Sanctuary and Pandora available.

Okay, here is what I did. At the opposite end of the ship from the fast travel, there is a Galaxy Map Navigation Station. I went there, and put in Promethea. Then I went down to Ellie’s , as you get to the bottom of the stairs, go to the back, and turn right, into the shuttle area. It will have a fast travel there, but only after you steered the ship to Promethea.


Thanks @qhorserider that worked! thats pretty dumb that you have to go to the ship and point it like that to get it to that planet! I was lost for hours.

Worked for me as well. You do need to add every zone again by running or driving there and visiting the teleporter.

I recently beat the story on normal. When I went back to try to farm some of the bosses I started to notice I was missing almost every fast travel location from the second half of the game, including the entire planet of Nekrotafeyo which I cannot seem to get back to at all. I do not know if this would matter but on the second half or so of the game I didn’t do any side missions. I just bee-lined the story.

If you hit the ‘planetary view’ button while in your echo map or at a FT station, is the planet showing up at all?

No the option for it does not show at all. However I do see the little star where it belongs and can scroll over to it but I cannot do anything with it.

Not sure what to suggest, other than trying to join the game of someone who still has access to it and see if you can get it back on your map that way.

Yea I figured as much. I was not to worried about it to be honest cause I still have my TVHM playthrough to hopefully not mess up. Just wanted some devs to see the issue so it does not happen for others.

Pretty sure it’s been noted, but I’ll add it to the list the moderators have been maintaining tomorrow. Might be worth filing a bug report with a screen shot of the map - there’s a link in the sticky thread at the top of the tech support category.

Okay will do thank you!

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Has anybody found a fix on this? I just lost all my fast travel stations and planets on my completed TVHM and I reaaaaally don’t wanna go looking for them

i had this happen to me just the other day. any fixes anyone know of?

I have this error every single time after I play multiplayer or split screen. I already travelled through the maps several times. The planets also dissappear from the bridge navigation. You can fly sanctuary planet by planet, use the drop pod and then navigate to each fast travel station AGAIN, and some planets don’t even come back in the list at all, I have new missions there (!-s) that I left without accepting and I can’t access them at all… (ps4) still no fix for this?