Safe To Reinstall Today ? - HUD & FOV Fixed?

Just a preemptive thread for today’s patch.

In the hope that the many of us unable to play since the Guardian takedown release; will see the HUD & FOV fixed, and be able to play the game we have paid for.

So, after today’s patch, if someone with this issue can confirm whether or not it has been addressed, that would be most helpful to those of us who already uninstalled this game.

Patch notes:

In Today’s update we make xboxes implode creating a micromagnetar killing everything within 2 feet
Users are suggested to use lead gloves or throw iron at it till either it or the player dies or collapses.

Weapon balances: 300>90 anointmdnt Has been replaced with slide fire rate anointment.

We found a bug and 300>90 wasn’t meant to exist.

Mayhem: we’ve increased the polygon count of big head mode on high end gpus also ensuring xboxes demise.

Prepare for Bob. fight in old shadowwarrior maps with super mario jump puzzles. See eden 6’s animal life on another planet for no reason. Turn animals into weird jetskis that hover. See the story and find New meta items we bothered to scale properly now.

We didnt even know fov problems were there just hack the games ini file or wait till phase 4

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Patches are supposed to fix games???
You sure?

Sadly, there’s nothing about it in the patch notes :frowning:

Maybe it got put in and wasn’t mentioned. (A man can dream, right? Sigh.)

Yup, just read the notes. Nothing about the HUD/FOV issue.

We can only wait until it is confirmed one way or the other.

I am reading they removed the HUD FOV option from Settings; without fixing it. Anyone else confirm?

Yeah just fired up the game and HUD scaling is REMOVED from the options. What a joke. Instead of fixing it they removed it. WOW.

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I’m curious if the HUD scaling option has been removed for everyone or just those with certain hardware? I had the HUD scaling failure starting a patch or two ago (sometime within the gaurdian takedown), now the option is removed.

Ryzen 3900x
32 GB Ram
Vega 64
Win 10, DX12

I tried DX11, new drivers, different options, etc etc, same as i did when I had the problem recently.

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It’s a sick joke at this point. They removed the HUD Scaling setting, and replaced it with (placeholder) - couldn’t even be bothered to correctly name the setting they put in its place.


Wow. Just wow. HUD scaling setting option simply removed. How unfortunate. Damn. I was looking forward to playing the new DLC.


Hahahahahah oh man…

It reallly says placeholder? Gahahhaahahhahahahhahha.
Oh jeezues.

Gimmie pictures… Ill go bother their brass official twitter and make ppl laugh at this game on. Twitter

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I’ve uninstalled it again. Literally unplayable. Should have took a screenshot, I know. It says something like Resolution Scaling Placeholder.

How sad.


The resolution scale does work correctly, it changes the render resolution, separate from the display resolution. I can’t remember if it was an option before. The description does say placeholder, guess they forgot to put in the actual description of what it does. But its not related to HUD scaling at all…

Here is what they said today:
2K Alex, Jun 25, 2020, 3:25 PM PDT:

I apologize the HUD issue is still happening after today patch. While it is a known issue and the dev team is working on a fix, we simply will not know an exact day this will be patched. For this info please continue to follow the mentioned channels for more information. Please let me know if you’ve also come across any other issues that I can look into.

Thank you,

2K Alex
Customer Support
2K Games


Well, at least they know it’s an issue.
Thanks for posting.

/batman voice.

“They know, they just don’t care.”

If any of you have the issues and haven’t file a ticket with them yet, please do so! So they know you guys getting affected as well. The more people file tickets, hopefully they will try to put more resources to take care of it! I haven’t play BL3 since they broke it. I am not going to uninstall it but I am getting tired of the wait…