Sajuuk docks with UltraCap ships?

I was looking at Sajuuk’s ship file (which is a SuperCap), and apparently, it can dock with “UltraCap” ships.


I wonder what in the world could be larger than Sajuuk! :laughing:


Sajuuk is the Ultra Cap as far as docking is concerned, so unless something has that dock family listed in what can dock with it, Sajuuk is out of luck looking for a berth :wink:


Ahh, lol. Someone’s got to make that other kpr ship that exploded into a million pieces as an ultracap carrier, hehe.

Does it dock with the Mothership for the purposes of the Balcora cutscene? If so, that’s probably where they used it.

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Does it? I’m not sure, I only remember the crew being transferred but I thought that was through another ship.

No it does dock with the MS on a mission.