SAK Zane Build (Swiss Army Knife Zane!)

TLDR; Here’s a video link if you don’t like to read

What’s up guys! Today I wanted to share my swiss army knife Zane build with everyone! It’s made to be able to use all 3 action skills at any time, any weapons, and most general anointments. The power level is equal to all of the seein dead meta builds that most people play, because it’s also only a few points different from them, the difference here is we are able to do whatever we want instead!

Skill Tree:

So as you guys can see from the skill tree, it is very very similar to the most popular build of: seein dead, good misfortune, donnybrook, all rounder. The difference here is that we just spend the 3 extra skill points from the lvl cap into clone skills.

This allows us to equally use all 3 action skills.

Now why does this matter?

The main bonus is having access to doppelbanger allows us to boss easier and literally one shot most bosses, activating shield and grenade anointments for 100% bonus elemental damage.

You can actually play 3 action skills while mobbing. The menu automatically saves all of your augments, so all you have to do is literally swap the inactive ones. Now this isn’t for everyone, but if you get the hang of this and realize how easy it is to swap, it can be a fun way to play, swapping between action skills while mobbing to just have fun!

Clone with Old-U + Stop gap is extremely good survivability.


Try to use multipellet or fast firing guns to trigger Seein Dead as much as possible.

Mobbing: Redistributor, Brainstormer, Recursion, Scourge, Hive, Protuberance

Single Target: Craps, Maggie, Star Helix, Wedding Invitation, Hellshock, Lob, Dictator, etc

Bossing: Scourge, Cutsman, Lob, Dictator

Class Mod

Seein Dead - at least 2 in PD

You are looking for weapon specific bonuses or splash to match the guns you are holding. That gives the best bonuses when using this skill tree. Ex. Pistol damage while using a pistol, Splash damage while using splash weapons.


Stop Gap - best general shield, very good with clone + old-u

Defensive - Transformer, Double Downer, Rico

Quick Charge - Sitorak, Big boom blaster,


Snowdrift or Icebreaker - Main artifacts Zane uses, pick whichever to match guns and playstyle.

Cutpurse, Fleshmelter - fringe strategies that this build can also take advantage of. Use whatever :slight_smile:


Recurring Hex - triggers seein dead class mods max amount of times

Piss - best for bossing

This build is meant to be the one and done, respec and play anything in the game build. It’s a jack of all trades, meaning you can use almost anything and be happy. This is basically the meta build, with a couple skill differences to allow you to use clone at will, without sacrificing anything really.