Sal and reload speed?

Could someone explain to me how Sal & reload speed works? I’m aware of various glitches with the weapon used in Sal’s left hand. Does reload speed not apply to it at all? Or does some stuff only apply, and not others? If so, what are those things?

This is murky territory :wink:

Various things apply to the off-hand ; various things don’t. Check this thread by Sljm :

The most relevant thing for the Deputy build is that while COMs do work ( War Dog and Beast ), the Monk COM doesn’t. This is why we’ve seen the recent use of the Beast for Brawn builds ( that is, with a Monk COM, you pretty much have to use a Deputy’s Badge for acceptable reload ; with a Beast, you can use any relic you want - namely a health relic ).

All in the Reflexes does work for both hands.


Cool, thanks. I was just curious about COMs and skills. Specifically War Dog COM, Incite and All In The Reflexes. And from that list + what you said, everything works except Monk COMs (which I don’t like because I run a War Dog build) and Incite for the offhand.

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