Sal is the only VH I use that still has not reached the end of a skill tree at Level 48

I am using lots of skills from all 3 branches

his end skills are just not as good as other VHs imo, his lower down skills are better, so by level 48 with every other VH I will be using one of their ending Skills but with Sal nope

Get Some is so awesome that it might as well be a capstone skill. It’s easily Sal’s best skill.
And at that point, getting keep firing is just one point so you should probably get it, unless you are mostly using Jakobs weapons. 80% fire rate bonus is nothing to sneeze at.

The other 2 capstone suffer from having trees that are not that great to spend points in to get to them. NKLO however, is incredibly powerful, and at high level you should consider it.

At level 48 thought, you should have most of your points in the middle tree.

I don’t know about the other VH you play.
I would never skip death blossom with Zero, but I rarely use the other 2.

With Maya I either get both skills that give slag… Or neither. (I have a no-capstone Maya build somewhere on the forum)

Krieg needs at least 1 capstone, no matter how you play him.

Gaige could live without capstone, but you are usually deep enough in at least 1 tree to grab one at that point.

I don’t play Axton much, but slag out of a turret is great in uvhm.


:open_mouth: many must fall with Zero dude, it’s the ULTIMATE

with Sal I went pretty much went to mid with all 3, with a little bit more on left path (for me Gunzerk during FFYL was game changer)

Not saying it’s not good, just that I don’t use it. I don’t like melee Zero. :slight_smile:

If you want a solid piece of advice with Sal:

Put points into last longer, YKY and Get Some.

At level 48 you should have enough points to also grab down not out.

At that point, Keep Firing become a 1-point no-brainer.


That’s because you don’t see the synergy that those skills have with the earlier skills in Gunlust and Rampage.

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Salvador is a weird math box.

He’s pretty easy to play, but making good builds is trickier than it is for most other characters.

Some of his best skills are not obvious and require you to think in terms of combo and synergy.


I’ve a couple of characters with only 1 or no capstone skills- might be an idea for a game play challenge for the future…

@IceCat763 Why would I want to empty my magazine any faster to get to the last shot or increase my fire rate by 88% just by holding the trigger down when I can regenerate ammo by killing bad guys? Why would an overkill damage multiplier for 8 seconds be desirable when off-hand shenanigans exist?

Synergy yo.

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For what it’s worth, @IceCat763 , my OP8 Salvador has none of the capstones. Capstones are good but i’d argue that Sal is best without any of them (Deputy), the only one you might have in that setup depending on preferences is Come At Me, Bro.