Sal replacing second gun with first one glitch

My wife and I have been playing dual Salvadors for a little now and earlier today her Sal somehow transferred her thunderball fists into her other gun slot (rendering the smg there unusable)
When she fired the smg it animated like a smg but fired the thunderball’s projectiles and when she had her actual thunderball equipped it looked like her smg was also in that hand (purely ascetic). When gunzerking both fired the thunderball’s projectiles and the thunderball no longer had the smg’s model glued to it.
Eventually the glitch was fixed, I was wondering if this is something easy to do or if it was a total fluke. I haven’t seen any mention of it before so i figured I’d ask here for once.

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This is an old glitch that I believe has been patched out of the game so what happened to your wife is rare these days. Do you have all the patches and hot fixes for the game on the system you play it on?


That looks like the gun-merging bug/exploit/thing from the early days of the game.


Which means they could be playing off line w/o the hot fixes/patches…


My understanding was that our game is up to date, definitely played with xbox live (gold) in the last year or two (only purchase when I need it)


My guess then is this was a total fluke :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think this is exactly what is happening to the OP in this Thread, but this came to mind when I was reading through…

I’m on PC, BTW. And this happens to me every once in a while. not sure why, but I just go into my menu and come out and it’s fixed. both guns don’t shoot. only the Rubi shoots in this image. kinda weird.


Yeah I came across this “bug” too. Unfortnetly it does not have the same effect like the merging glitch from the old days. Its more like one of the weapons doesn’t work but the other one work like the first one O.o wierd. It looks a bit diffrent in my game. I’ll try to screenshot it when it happens again