Sal the Brawnzerker Build Guide

Skills to use

You can now proc a tourge shotgun especially swordsplotion giving it OP damage especially when proced with Blockhead or Interfacer. But any gear will work even 2x Unkempt harold will work.

Gear I’m using: Evolution, legendary Beserker, Breath of the seraphs, Legendary Beserker, weapon slot 1 Twin Hornet, Weapon slot 2 Slag DVA stinger, weapon slot 3 swordsplotion, Weapon slot 4 Blockhead and Interfacer shock an Interfacer Corrosive depending on enemy.

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Have you actually tested this out ?

Not trying to be an ass here but it seems to me like a great way to visit the new-U station.

Not a single point into Rampage ? 5/5 in Just got real ? an emphasis on Brawn but no movement speed skill ?

I guess if it works for you, that’s great but I wouldn’t play that personally


Yes Haven’t you seen admiral barhoo’s brawnzerker guide . I just improved it. and haven’t you seen my replies in BL2 reddit and in most recent session in BL2 Mostly Ive been using Sal the brawnzerker like everytime im in BL2. except for axton if only I’m getting tired of shotguns. His main glitch gear pimphab this is where pimphab became famous in 2013 this very build. I can rename this to pimphab build if you want.

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Yes I have. I don’t think this is an improvement though…

I don’t hang out on Redit so I didn’t see your replies there.

Like I said, if it works for you great, but I would have to see it in action before I believe that a build with 0 points in Rampage can work.


Pimp Ahab only requires points in money shot to work, and it is not specific to a brawn build, and its certainly not THAT build that made this famous…


Bahroo’s brawnzerker build is heavily invested in Rampage Tree


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I’m not new, really.

And yes I do have a functioning brain.
And you could not teach me anything new about Salvador even if you tried.

You are right, it works without money shot… but it works much better with it.

The pimp gets the damage of the Ahab on each of its pellets… and if the Ahab is empty, they also get boosted by money shot. Everyone here except you knows how this works, nobody is putting the pimp in the right hand, I don’t know where you got that from.

Go be clueless somewhere else