Sal the Ultra Invincible

Sal the Ultra Invincible
Things you need:
Social Interfacer
Why?:High Damage Output and Firerate
Grog Nozzle
Why?:65% Health Regen
Why?:Why not
Causal Ravager
Why?:High Damage output
The Rough Rider
Why?:OP as heck
Chaotic Evil Rogue COM
Why?:Moneyshot Bonus
LvL 30 Build
LvL 50 Build
LvL 61 Build
LvL 72 Build

You forgot to mention
Pimpernel, Ahab, and FOTF (Flame of the Firehawk) :slight_smile:

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ready already at 72? seriously? there is something wrong with the calculator . no points in any tier 1 skills, means you shouldn’t be able to allocate to anything else in the tree.

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Very odd. The link works and gives the tree with the missing skills, but if you reset the page and try to get the same build you can’t do it. I tried randomly editing the skill parameters in the URL, and that didn’t work either. Not sure what to make of that…

@HyperNet101 Builds like this are a dime a dozen on Sal. If you want this to be a helpful topic it’s going to need a lot more polish.

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You need at least 5 points in the Tier 1 Rampage skill tree to access Tier 2, and the current links lack this.

I suspect you constructed the url manually. A little fix would be welcome !

In other words, Be salvador harder than the other guy.

Yes, a lot more polish. Even the formatting and lack of information are terrible.

There is no such thing as a chaotic evil rouge on sal. Sal uses the monk class mod. You may be refering to the chaotic evil monk.

so the same salvador build used by 90% of all sal players? also why would you use a social interfacer over a practicable?

Let’s try to be more helpful. If something could use improvment, say how it needs it rather than “it’s terrible”, please.

What’s the cookie cutter build everyone uses for Sal anyway? I’d like to see some options.

I know that it’s mainly a difference of one or two points, but it’d still be nice to see what people take.

Check out this guide:
The “levelling” builds at the bottom and the cited community builds pretty much cover the options. Remember that you may need to edit the URL on some of those links to “oldforums”

I aim for flexibility with my build. I mainly run Legendary Hoarder so it leans toward optimizing mag size, 5So6, and fire rate, but I can also swap out to Legendary Gunzerker for extended Gunzerking, or True Neutral Monk or Chaotic Evil Monk for raiding. All gear options are basically on the table for me and I like that as I can change on the fly without having to re-spec. I take all the important skills but I wouldn’t say it’s a very common point distribution either.

I usually rock this. One of these days, I’ll take the leap of faith and not spec so heavily into YKY, since the Legendary Gunzerker COM is basically glued to my person at this point. I feel like this is the cookie-cutter build, though.

Why waste five points in Asbestos to put two points in OOB which is such an insignificant fire rate increase? OOB just isn’t worth it imo.

Those two points are actually just filler. I do like Asbestos though, especially with a Monk COM. DoTs are not even an issue at that point.

Social…wait SOCIAL!?
No, Practicable is the highest DPS and is the better choice in every way.

Not sure how cookie cutter this might be but I like to use this mainly with a CE Monk mod with a L. Hoarder mod to replenish ammo:

Why pass on Lay Waste, arguably Sal’s best kill skill, to go down Brawn for OOB?