Sal vs Vorac OP8 - Sawdurrping

I’m not a particularly good Sal player, and I’ve had a hard time killing Vorac. He’s just a giant herky-jerky health-gating PITA. I haven’t had much luck with some of the youtube tutorials and methods, because… I’m not that great, that fight is a slog, and you can’t make mistakes. So after some tinkering and trying this and that, this setup has worked for me. It’s almost… relaxing, dare I say. The whole thing takes ~5 minutes or less, and I’ve got about a 90% success rate. There’s probably a thing or two one could change, but I’m happy with it. I probably could save some time by swapping the trespasser into the mix and killing the chief under his shield after getting Vorac’s health to 1/4, but… Eh. This works alright and I just didn’t feel like adding more variables into it.

The Sawbar can use some backpack love. It’s got a lot to offer.

So here you go: Solo Sal vs Vorac, OP8, no UCP or other shenanigans.


Sweet!! :smile: Will definitely have to give this a try myself as Vora is the only raid boss I’ve beaten only once- and with Gaige at that…


Nice, need to try the rocket launcher glitch some time.

I was able to solo him the usual Harold/Nozzle ‘can’t see what i’m shooting way’
An alkaline shield (anything goes, i found a nice purple tediore, but was using a white amp shield before) and Longbow Stormfront for healing help a lot. Or Tesla in my case.

Monk mod for 11/5 Money shot helps a lot too, mine is a random one i found at L53, Accuracy and Crit Damage i think.