Salt Command, Professional Battleborn Team Now Recruiting!

Salt Command is a competitive North American Battleborn team on Playstation 4.

Lead by Nicky from StealthShampoo, winner of the E3 2014 Titanfall event and coach of the multi-ESL winning team Deploy the Picture, Salt Command looks to push the boundaries of competitive Battleborn.

StealthShampoo has been playing Battleborn multiplayer since October 2015 before the Closed Technical Test, and will lead the team as coach and lead competitive shoutcaster.

The team is sponsored by, the top source for Battleborn intel, news, and guides.

Salt Command is currently looking for recruits to pursue the top rankings in competitive multiplayer.

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Base Requirements:

  • Playstation 4 with a Playstation Plus subscription.

  • An operational, competitively approved PS4 controller.

  • A North American residence (Hawaii and Alaska included).

  • At least 18 years of age on the date of acceptance to the team.

  • A decent microphone.

  • Stable internet connection.

  • English-speaking player.

  • An environment in which one can play competitively.

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Team Administration will work on a case-by-case basis to reward new recruits, and further reward loyal players. Potential benefits of joining Salt Command include:

  • A digital PS4 copy of Battleborn, courtesy of DB (PoonTranqDome) at 2K.

  • The Battleborn Season pass.

  • Battleborn Early Access on PC.

  • Battleborn t-shirts, cards, or merch (a shipping address must be provided and shipping paid to the Team Captain).

  • Promotion on Salt Command official social media channels.

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Salt Command is looking for competitively-minded individuals. In addition to our base requirements, the following are prerequisites we expect from a great teammate.

  • You are able to communicate effectively and remain level-headed in high level play.

  • You are dedicated and serious in regards to attending team practices, tournaments, and strategic meetings.

  • You work well as a stand-alone member of the group. Someone who stands out and has their own merit.

  • You are likeable, particularly a respectable person with great stage-presence, a natural entertainer and sense of humor.

  • You mesh well with the current members of Salt Command.

Not sure if Salt Command is the team for you? Please stop by the Team Captain’s Twitch channel and feel free to watch us play the multiplayer and see how the team meshes with its first three teammates.

Salt Command will be playing public matches in the Open Beta on PS4, and continue to play Battleborn Early Access on PC after the Beta ends up until the game’s launch on May 3rd.

You can also reach us on Twitter, @SaltCommand, with any inquiries and to get the latest news from Battleborn’s first official competitive team.


Applications will be accepted via this application form.

Recruitment tryouts will be held on the remainder of the Battleborn Open Beta on PS4, Battleborn Early Access on PC, and the game launch on May 3rd.

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted via email with further instructions.

We look forward to playing with you guys.

-Nicky from StealthShampoo, Team Captain
-Kyle aka FullySalted, Team Co-Captain


Congratz on the official launch guys and for everyone else Dibs on the first team interview with Salt Command


Looks like my Battleborn team has some competition… (Formerly OaSis, now Gravity Wolves)

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Sounds awesome…except for the part where it’s PS4 only. Why is every PS4 only with this game D:<?!

Hey, put you over to the LFG section, best of luck!

Gratz guys. Team Sustenance is down to scrim whenever you all want too. We have been getting 5v5s going last couple of nights.

Things I feel like you already had Dibs on… Lol.
Does that mean you’re going to fly over just to do the interview?
Hope I’m considered.

yeah 2k flies me all over the world for these kinds of things ;)(not)

Nice, this time you can’t avoid my team when we get placed in a bracket for w/e Battleborn tournament, good luck! :slight_smile: