Salty post is salty

This was once a post about fixing pve, all I really want now is to stop getting chucked by hordes of enemies.

For reference I was complaining that I couldn’t use Pendles, Phoebe, and Alani on certain maps, I understand better now.

Thanks everyone


These four characters are all fantastic PVE picks though… especially the first three.


It’s doable with everyone. Although I’ll admit that on some missions it takes a bit of practice with some characters

And patience, with a few of them, like (post-nerf) El Dragon and Kelvin - not exactly candidates for speed runs!

My main problem is that I am not just defending myself, I have to make sure that the objective doesn’t get demolished, you get what I am saying? I don’t think I’m a bad player (back at it again with that natural human superiority complex) but I can’t defend objectives past normal difficulty.

(also I think I am playing pendles wrong)

I’m not suggesting you’re a bad player, but those really are some excellent PVE Battleborn you mentioned…

Phoebe melts enemy waves with her Phasegate, exploding Blade Rush, and Blade Sweep. Crosscut and True Strike makes quick work of bosses. I personally find her to be the second-best PVE melee, just behind Galilea (and it’s a close contest.)

Alani is great at plowing through waves with Riptide and its associated mutation, can score very respectable crit DPS with her Torrent on single enemies, and has healing pouring out of her ears. Her ult is decent in PVE too.

And everything is a cakewalk for Toby: his arc mines eat up enemies, while his railgun is able to take down a Thrall Brute in one or two crits. (+a few more in Advanced!)

Pendles is an oddball because of the way his stealth works in PVE, but he’s a superb team pick. Last night we did Advanced Hardcore Heliophage with five people, and you better believe we took a Pendles!

May I ask which missions in particular are causing you issues? I’m sure the community here would be happy to offer advice :slight_smile:


Certain characters are meant to struggle more on particular missions though. A character like marquis does really well on dungeon crawl missions but is abysmal at defend certain point missions(unless your a crit wizard I suppose) while a character like Kleese destroys defend missions but becomes much more vulnerable in dungeon crawls.

Characters capabilities are something to take into consideration for how difficult you want certain missions to be. It’s like an additional tier level for how challenging it could be.

And btw, almost any defend a point missions have thumpers you can build. These REALLY help influence the success of the experiment and saboteur


I’ve mostly been using pendles and Phoebe and I struggle greatly on missions that require you to defend against hordes attacking objectives.

(I might just be a bad player, but I have fairly good aim so I dunno)

As @skeksis_SYL says above, turrets make all the difference when defending objectives. Specifically, you want to build Thumper Turrets, which have a slow effect that significantly helps in keeping objectives alive. For the traps, I prefer the Temporal Trap for the same reason. You don’t want to build the Inferno Trap because it doesn’t do enough damage in Advanced difficulty (and barely enough even in Normal.)

Take a shard generator if you’re concerned that you might not be able to build them all.

The major horde-defense missions are, off the top of my head, The Renegade, the Experiment, the Saboteur. There’s also escort defense in Void’s Edge and the Archive.

A few tips for each:

In the Saboteur, try entering the final objective through the side elevator to the left of the main door. That way, you can build a Thumper Turret up there right away.

In the Experiment, ignore Boldur at the beginning - run past him, and you can explore the entire map, collect all the shards and chests, and build every turret.

The Archive is much easier now than it used to be, as Chronicle is very tanky. You can farm the data minions area until you hit level 10, if you like, as you can’t fail this area. Just stay close to the librarian at all times.

On the Void’s Edge, be sure to liberally upgrade Wolf Unit whenever he’s in trouble. I like to just patch up his health, but if he’s being swarmed and you’re really desperate, you can drop some shards to have him defend himself. This is another good time to have a shard generator handy.

The Renegade’s final objective room is packed with traps and turrets. Often it’s enough to let the buildables take care of the objective point, while you camp out at the Thrall spawn-point and eliminate the waves the moment they appear.

As far as doing these missions with Phoebe goes, Phase Gate does great damage to a wave, and you can use it twice offensively with the Contingency Plan mutation. The exploding Blade Rush (take the mutation that makes it do more damage at close range) is excellent at stopping mob waves, and the Blade Sweep melee mutation allows you to mop up even when your skills are on cooldown. Her ult absolutely demolishes waves, and you can drop it down on an objective in a pinch. Cultivate a keen sense for where the waves spawn from - the maps get pretty predictable after a few playthroughs - and nuke enemies when they’ve just spawned and they’re all bunched up.

I’ll let somebody else weigh in on Pendles. I don’t actually have access to the guy, so I’ve only seen him in PVE second-hand!


I’ll focus more on turrets then. Hopefully fixes the whole juggling problem.

Thanks for the advice everyone, this community is very supportive and friendly.


Kleese is great for the defend missions and a solid pick for others. I would say you can use any char solo for each mission, some will be a complete pain (miko) while others will be much easier (Ambra, OM, Kleese) turrets are the easiest way to solo pve. Heliophage will be a pain at higher difficulties as the boss fight doesn’t have many buildables… use appropriate gear
Also certain bosses (Rendain) will attack your deployable (rifts, egg)and completely ignore you until its dead

As for Alani
Attack speed gear and a max health gear will help you immensely
The good news is you level pretty quickly In pve
At lvl 1 splash zone is a good emergency heal and give a good use for guyser
Lvl 2 is completely useless (doesn’t bind ai) so either choice works
The movement speed helix will help you avoid damage while the range increase helix is especially useful for the areas with anything at range (attikus dlc) though some things will still be too far for her to hit
Wet blanket is only a light slow so wave shock will be the better choice for pve… it is weak till you take the duration increase later to make it an average aoe dot
Taking the helix to reduce cooldown will help you keep using your riptide and ultimate… along with your emergency heal (guyser)
Riptide technically has a knockback (tiny) however it will not stop thrall who are lunging at you the same as it won’t stop an enemy battleborn in pvp uses a lunge or movement ability so use it before they get to you

I’ve done every pve solo with Alani so anything else you want to know just ask… Heliophage is a pain with her till you get wave shock and your ult

Solo Pendles has to work twice as hard for the defense missions, since his cloak means the enemies will ignore you and attack the objective instead. Be mindful of when you cloak, time in cloak is time where the enemy isn’t distracted. Make liberal use of the buildables to help thin out the ranks, and use your smoke bomb offensively rather than defensively as you normally would for PvP.

You’ll want the blind and increased duration of smoke bomb’s poison cloud, that’s mainly how Pendles takes care of waves. Blind dead stops the mobs for a small time, and the poison cloud helps rack up damage. Injection can hit multiple targets, so line up your enemies whenever you can to easily cut 'em down. Once you reach level five, make use of his ultimate as often as you can. The damage is meh but the real winner is the decreased CD on Injection. You can pop your ultimate and then get off 3-5 Injections by the time it’s done.

I personally prefer to take the survivability helixes (Mamba’s Bite, Life Leech) and use offensive gear to help pad my damage. Mamba’s Bite and attack speed gear can give a much needed boost to his health bar while he’s taking damage. Pendles is squishier so he’ll get owned really fast in PvE if you aren’t careful, especially Advanced. Be aggressive and circle strafe enemies while spamming your abilities whenever possible, as they’ll be the difference between life and death.

Another example of how you´re a source of pride on/to these forums, @EdenSophia :dukeaffirmative:


Not going to lie, I posted this with a tinge of salt. I really appreciate the politeness and the helpfullness of the responses here.


I think I can speak for everyone by saying that we are quite happy to help. The pve experience looks pretty simplistic but there are a substantial amount of variables that coalesce into a potentially imbalanced looking experience. When in reality there are often times incredibly potent tricks to tip the challenges the game gives you in your favor


Can’t emphasize this enough. On Experiment I found myself with a random group where the other players seemed to think rushing the mission was the thing to do. They built nothing - didn’t even collect shards. The installation was destroyed on the first wave…

(@EdenSophia: Good tip about ignoring Bolder, because as soon as he goes up to the installation, you know you have only a very limited time before things start happening. Was it always that way? I thought you used to have to trigger the first wave by standing on the thingy in the middle?)

There’s a turret location overlooking the main installation, on a small rock projection on the opposite side to where you spawn in. This one is crucial, since the initial wave comes down either side of it - they’ll either get hung up attacking it, or get thumped as soon as the emerge below it.

A good tip on Archive at the beginning is to clear the entire first area of the map BEFORE activating Chronicle. Use ALL the shards on your gear and the one turret in front of the gate, then wait a few minutes (2? 3?) for all three shard clusters to respawn. Now you can activate Chronicle and engage with at least one gear boost right from the beginning - makes the first waves so much easier to deal with.


It was always that way. There’s a timer in how long it takes Boldur to get there. Once he does, the first wave starts.

I would question for this mission randomly awhile back with randos. Get a few lower levels that would spawn the first wave when we weren’t ready for it. Now I could blame them for that but I prefer to blame boldur

I wouldn’t Pendles alone. His whole schtick is attacking people while they’re distracted. In PVP and PVE. As others have said, things are twice as hard trying to Pendles during a defense mission, as enemies won’t be attacking you if you’re cloaked.

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