Salvador and BL3

I have played as all the 6 characters in BL2 for around 3 years. My final character is Salvador and what a revelation this has been. Salvador’s Skill Tree is awesome especially my fully maxed out Money Shot skill. So far this is the first time I have managed to complete End O’line, Wildlife Preserve and the climb up to Control Core Angel playing solo in UVHM. Playing as Salvador gives me so much confidence by knowing that I can shred any enemy that gets in my way. So imagine my disappointment to read that Salvador will not be in BL3. Of the indicated BL3 characters the option of a melee Maya, a co-op only Soldier and a Zero style character (which you would assume to be as flaky as Zero in BL2) does not inspire me to be one of the first to download BL3. The Beast Master character, however, looks interesting though. So it looks like I will not be playing BL3 for long with this potential lack-lustre bunch of characters.

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It shouldn’t really be a surprise. No game in this series so far has had the same playable characters. To add to that, you don’t know if the line up announced is the complete one, in both Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel additional characters were added later.

I have no idea what this means, Zer0 is incredible in BL2

Nothing about it suggests it is co-op only.

Salvador is fun but I think that he’s the only one you can complete the named missions with points to lack of experimentation on your part with the other characters. The named areas aren’t all that hard for anyone who has seen them before, which of course you have on two previous playthroughs.


How can you possibly judge a character’s skillset when A: the characters you are talking about aren’t even confirmed by the developers, B: we don’t have the slightest clue what their skill trees, the guns, the enemies, and all the other combat factors in the next game will look like, C: we don’t even have a confirmation about said game?


Moved to a more appropriate section. And I’d second the opinion that it’s too soon to be reading anything into anything, since none of the information out there is official.


I wouldn’t sweat it, I’m sure they’ll include a character for noobs, as they’ve done the last couple games.


It’s possible the game won’t be something you like, especially if you’re basing it on the inclusion of a character with no changes from a prior game (and the single data point that in none of their three Borderlands games has a playable character been ported over).

Are you assuming that we’re making the same assumption as you about that? Are these assumptions based on what you’ve seen in those unofficial Youtube videos? As someone with a couple of solid Assassins at OP8, I’d like to respectfully ask that you keep your hands off my expectations about the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think in bl3 i would love to see my favorite loud mouth, killing machine, and duel weilding manic itll bring back using him again. i cant wait for the beast master my friend cant wait to be the siren on that one. we do have this combo going that being he runs in beating the crap and me just sniping the hell out of them but i love using big charicters myself (beserking type). i cant wait to see sal again. he might be really old still cant wait.

Sal has the best math, I feel personally attacked by this comment.


Sal may or may not have been designed to be the class for noobs, like Gaige, but because of his glitches + legit tanking, skills + off-hand Moxxi guns, he kinda became that. (Although, let’s be honest, tank classes in general are for noobs)

Gaige was explicitly designed for noobs. Nisha’s action skill is an aimbot. There will likely be at least one class for noobs so that people who are new to FPS can play & enjoy the game - RPG crossovers, young gamers, non-gaming significant others, your mom, etc.

I’m almost certain that there will be a class that the OP will enjoy playing.

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