Salvador Dahl Allegiance Playthrough

Thanks to @Jefe , I find myself partaking in this rather silly challenge. This is where i’ll need some help though, i’m not familiar with all the Dahl stuff. I know about all the pistols, and some SMGs, but what else is there that I should be trying to get hold of? I just started a new Dahlvador and dropped all the GBX weapons, so just meeting Hammerlock and my only gun is the Basic Repeater :smiley:


Your mainstay, thankfully will be the Lascaux. The Emperor and Sloth should do ok too.

Sandhawk! Veruc! and… that’s it! :smiley: oh wait, of course, there’s the outstan… oh yeah, atrocious Bearcat :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I allowed to use shields and grenades that the game gives me? My first shield is a Tediore… do Dahl even do shields?

Allegiance works however you want it to! You will only get Tediore shields until level god-knows-what - 10?

Well, grenade wise i’m stuck with bouncing betty or crossfire if Dahl, and the only Dahl shield is the WTF…

lol, more people would do Bandit than Torgue… i’m guessing people didn’t know how powerful a Torgue build can be 3 years ago Hyperion second last! I mean I don’t like them much but I don’t think a Hyperion playthrough would be all that tough going, they have some great weapons

this will be part of your challenge - I’m going to hold you to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think a Dahl Minigun will serve you well in this allegiance.

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Good point! Just did the This Town Ain’t Big Enough mission and the reward is an assault rifle, hoping for Dahl.

Edit: I’ve reloaded 4 times and each time it’s been Vladof… so I think it’s fixed to that. Oh well.

My first upgrade!

Then an even better one!


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A Dahl allegiance Salvador is quite the challenge, considering it’s probably the worst fit for that character.

Stick to SMGs and ARs mostly. The Lascaux is great with its fixed spread. Plasma caster are not too bad. Like mentioned, Miniguns are great but look out for those with the other Vladof barrel as they shoot 2 bullets at a time.
The emperor is also not too bad.

Late game when you have the luxury to choose, have a look at the Pitchfork: it packs a mean punch and it’s drawback is ammo consumption… Something Sal doesn’t really know anything about.

You will probably have to spec Brawn since there are no Dahl Moxxi guns, and no way to increase your health with shields means you will have to pick your relic carefully.

An upside is your grenade choice: find a low fuse slag Betty and keep it until level 72 if you want, and you will be able to use both of your guns for damage.

The Veruc is not that great a choice here: it shines in ADS, but from the hip, a double rifle is a better choice.

What COMs does Dahl make for Sal ?

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According to the wiki, only the War Dog… :confused: Seems that of all the COMs they make, 2 are for Zer0, the rest for Axton apart from the War Dog.

That’s not too bad: The War Dog is one of his best :slight_smile:

Any combination of skills will do, but look for one with 5so6.

I’m not sure how i’m going to survive without any moxxi healing or transfusion :smiley: but it’ll be fun finding out!

If you take him past level 50 into UVHM, the Lascaux Will become your best friend.

Just go back to Frostburn canyon whenever you level up for a new one at your level :slight_smile:

Brawn… And caution

Keep a spot in your loadout for a Sniper and try to take a few foes out before engaging them.

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I have a gemstone version incendiary. love that thing.

So everytime I do this run through Ebonfloe (staple run in any of my new playthroughs, the two badass bullymongs are nice for a boost in XP before Midgemong) I always get Dahl ARs galore coming out of the bullymong piles. Now i’m doing this, i’ve not seen a single one…

Edit: Never before have I been so happy to see such a terrible gun :slight_smile: my first non-pistol

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@Jefe you have given me some kind of challenge here, sir! Here’s the first ‘tricky’ part. Please excuse the waiting around, but i’m sure you know why. Prior to getting that Skirmish Rifle, I was having to equip a non-Dahl gun in my second slot purely to stand still and regen ammo! But he has not fired any weapon that isn’t Dahl, so I figured I was allowed that tiny cheat. :stuck_out_tongue: You go through it fast when your ammo pool is only 200 and no other dahl weapons had dropped other than pistols.


Dahl sniper rifles can help when your Gunzerking is on cooldown. One burst in the head is usually enough.

Oh my god I haven’t laughed that hard since I was a little girl.

Kudos dude. With you every step of the way!