Salvador gunzerking/swapping glitch

This morning I encountered an interesting glitch on Salvador. At the time of the glitch, he was level 32. For what it’s worth I was playing on the handsome collection on ps4.

Basically, I was working on Murderlin’s Temple. I had just finished round one. While I was working my way back to Murderlin I was just messing around with weapon swapping while gunzerking. When the Action Skill timed out, however, there was a graphical error in which Salvador was holding the Grog Nozzle in his left hand, and yet using both hands to hold onto his main hand gun, the Lady Fist. It is visible while running, shooting, reloading, and even gunzerking, but doesn’t fire. While gunzerking, you can see the sights peaking through the off-hand weapon, in this instance a Jakobs Quad.

At first, seemed like a simple graphical error. On further play this proved to be much more than that. It seemed like I was not only granted the occasional projectile multiplier, but the Grog’s healing attribute as well! I can’t confirm the critical multiplier though.

Has any one else encountered this glitch? Is this old news?

Sorry, this picture kind of sucks.


it is a bit of a known glitch- although it isn’t true weapon merging (an exploit that was patched long ago) if can- rarely- have the same effect.