Salvador lvl 50 build, help?

Aight, so I returned to the game after long time, and I wanna play it thru completely. So I hear this Unkempt Harold - Grog Nozzle combo is good. So I need “the best” build for them (including what relic, class mod, shield, grenade should I use) with maximum level of 50 (I don’t have the dlc’s that extend level cap). I play solo and hope to be able to kill all the bosses/big things too. Much love!

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“Best” is a little subjective when it comes to builds - there are plenty of options:

What would be helpful would be to know your preferred play style, given that you’re only running up to level 50. You have way more viable options since you’re not going into UVHM.

So, what level are you right now with Sal?


I’m 39 atm. And I might buy the level extending DLC’s when I finish the other ones that I have. (I finish the true vault hunter mode first, then to those dlc’s which i actually havent even played yet even tho I bought them years ago)

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OK, you can use this site to fill in your current build:

When you’re done, you can copy and paste the resulting url back into a post here so folks can see what you’ve got so far.

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This is what I got so far (if I remember right, not at home atm), guess I can change them too if they suck balls.

This is what I planned earlier for my lvl 50 (is it any good?)

Firstly, welcome home Vault Hunter. This is the best place to learn about and talk Borderlands, with no shortage of friendly folks to help out.

Everything that follows may be subject to change based on your com.
Secondly, if you’re aiming to Grog/Harold, what I affectionately refer to as Unkempt Nozzling, your level 50 build looks good to me except for 5 Shots or 6. The mechanic can prevent you proccing Moneyshot by adding into your magazine (this is my understanding of it and may be flawed. If it is there are actual experts that will chime in soon.). I would recommend switching it for Inconceivable because that is what ridiculous Moneyshot chains are built with. Also, maybe you’d be better off with All in the Reflexes (you could pull the points from Filled to the Brim), not for the melee but for the reload. Harolds can have silly long reloads if they don’t have matching grip, and the Grog will only heal you for damage dealt, so minimizing reload will go a long way to keeping you alive in my opinion/experience. Also, if you are looking for a “best” build and using DPS as a metric, you should pay attention to anything by @Sljm. The builds he (?) posted do crazy DPS. And if you have further questions I recommend checking out this thread

by @DeputyChuck. Between those two, and everyone else that will reply to you, you will get the most thorough Salducation possible. Have fun dude, and don’t hesitate to ask if you any more questions.


Just to add to what @paulothead said, while it looks like you might be going for a possible Hoarder build if you really want a MS build I’d make the skill switches he suggested. As far as coms go with Last Longer and Yippie Ki Yay I’d suggest either a blue Unhinged or Two Gun Berserker- extending the time you can gunzerker by killing foes will keep your DPS up as well. Good luck and welcome aboard!


Thank you guys so much, what a nice community we have here! So:

I made few changes to my skills:

Just to clearify, what does “MS” mean? (I’m not that on date with all the game’s slang or shorts). And class mod should boost my Last Longer and Yippie Ki Yay? Atm I have some monk class mod (had it on my character when I started playing again)

Do you guys have suggestions for shields that could rly keep my alive or otherwise efficiently boost my character somehow? Or relics that could up my DPS? Atm I have some random shield with fire resistance and relic that gives some pistol dmg I guess.


I would not recommend taking the points from Yippee Ka Yay and Get Some. Those are vital skills, if you’re rolling with the build you just posted and it’s working ok for you I’d suggest making those skills the next ones that get attention. If you’re having trouble take the points out of the Gunlust tree (take the points from Divergent Likeness, put 1 in Double your Fun and 4 in YKY, and you could fill Moneyshot later, it is probably overkill in TVHM with the Grog+Harold combo except for raids, so those points could go into Get Some and your next 5 points could fill Moneyshot) to fill those in and that will make an appreciable difference. I have 4 in YKY and 5 in GS.
MS= Moneyshot.
Here’s a list of abbreviations we use with some regularity.

You could get a class mod that buffs those skills. I believe the “Two Gun” variant of the Berserker com can come with bonuses to both of those skills. If you have a Monk what skills does it buff? If it boosts Moneyshot :+1: and it’s handy for bossing. Shields are mostly up to preference. The Rough Rider is a good “shield” because Sal’s shield will usually be down anyway and more health + 20%damage reduction. Adaptives are good because they come with a health boost as well as elemental resistance (Neogenator and Evolution, legendary and Seraph variants, also have health regen). Or you could go for a Flame of the Firehawk (you can save that for level 50 and dashboard until you get stats you like) and get free heals from the nova firing and your Grog. Relics are definitely subject to preference. Unkempt Nozzling probably does the best with a Sheriff’s Badge (the Sheriff of Lynchwood drops that) or an explosive relic if you don’t need the fire rate buff.


Yea, I was planning on spending points next to YKY and GS, but I guess you’re right with MS’s overkill at this point so I actually might just take points from Gunlust for now and fill it up later on. Also, yea I’ve noticed that my shield is down all the time so I guess the shield capacity ain’t the thing but the buffs the shield gives. About Double Your Fun, tbh I’m kinda forgetting about the existance of grenades (I forget to use them a lot).

ps. I’m still mesmerized about the amount of help I get in such short time (even the game is like more than 5 years old). Thank you, went right into feels.


Not a problem dude. This is, hands down, the friendliest and most helpful community on the internet. I had a similar experience when I first posted. I got advice from a lot of vets very quickly after I posted my difficulties, which I had with Sal first. Unkempt Nozzling got me through the story and DLC campaigns, but fell flat when I hit the Peak to try for some OP levels. That’s when I went Deputy. Both builds capitalize on Moneyshot, but I found the Deputy more compatible with my thought process and playstyle. But there are lots of ways to play every character. I’ve currently got my second Sal (I’ve got two of every toon except for Zer0 right now, and I can see going for a third set too) building into a Hoarder style build and I’m loving that too. As much as the game stays the same, different toons and builds make it play differently, and there are many mechanics that enable that variety. That’s why this forum is still active so many years later. I’m in awe that there are people coming to this game fresh so many years later.


Btw, I looked these shields up, I’m just wondering since The Rough Rider shows how much health you get (and Evo and Neo don’t), is it more or less than what Evolution or Neogenator gives? Also, dmg reduction from TRR is 20%, does it include all dmg (elemental and non-elemental), and does the Evolution and Neogenator resist also bullet/melee (non-elemental) dmg?
image image image

Also I know TRR is prolly easiest to obtain hence the rarity, but just aiming for the end-game.


It’s odd that the health boost isn’t displayed in those pics, it’s definitely there on the item cards for the ones I have. This link contains a Google Doc with max stats at various levels.

The damage reduction on the Rough Rider is global, so it applies to all damage. Adaptive style shields, so Neo and Evo as well as the more common variants, only provide elemental resistance to the last element you take damage from. I would recommend not using a Rough Rider until you have some, preferably a whole bunch of, points in Brawn because the health boost is good for percent based healing (Hard to Kill, Ain’t Got Time to Bleed, and Sexy T-Rex). My spec at 72, that I ran to get to, and run at, OP8, goes all the way to Brawn’s capstone. But I run a Deputy style build in that toon, my Hoarder won’t go that far into Brawn. Also, at 50 you won’t have enough points for all of that, and depending on your goals you may not want that even at 72. The Gunzerking Management thread I linked above would be a good place to get advice to tailor a build to your specific needs. Also, check out the “How to Salvador” thread, you may find a lot of answers to the questions you’re asking there.


Okay, so I guess I aim for Evo or Neo. And now, at last, I think I have some sort of goal buildwise.

I’ll be in touch if I buy the rest dlc’s after I’ve finished the ones I already have (Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage Walkthrough, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt Walkthrough and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep) and need tips and tricks for the lvl 72 goal.

Or then I’ll just patiently wait for BL3 (which is assumed to release later this year (I’M SO HYPED)).

And even then I might be in touch for company in the new game, haha

So yea, I greatly appreciate all the help! Much love and c ya l8r!


@paulothead has you covered.

Just adding in the standard build for your targeted play style. This should clarify some of the skills that are relevant :

Also, I have no idea why your Evo/Neo images don’t show the health boost - they should. All three shields have roughly the same health if the parts are identical. Close enough to be unimportant.

I’ve also used spike shields for healing while leveling up. Otherwise adaptives and absorbs.


I thought that was odd as well. It actually says in the verbage adds health, but doesn’t show the numbers. odd…

@paulothead seems to have handled this thread very nicely, well done good sir. sound advice for sure. :acmaffirmative:
Level 50 Dep Sal is super OP(Over Powered). So, if you run into any difficulties with your grog/harold build, try the deputy sal build originated by @DeputyChuck its the only way I play Sal anymore.


Just a quick comment: The Transformer is a legendary absorb shield dropped by Pimon in the WEP (Wildlife Exploitation Preserve) and is IMO on of the better yet underrated shields in the game. It can also be found as a world drop or from places such as the loot train (it’s one of the Headhunter dlc, officially called Marcus Saves Mercenary Day). As for relics until you get a Sheriff’s Badge try either a cool down relic or a health boosting one…


:point_up: This is very good info. I usually roll health relics for Sal and Krieg and cooldown relics for everyone else. The Transformer is definitely good for Hyperion bot infested areas (damned surveyors), but it never really did the job for me anywhere else. @Carlton_Slayer has been at this longer than I have, he’s got the goods man. :grin:

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I don’t really roll with health gate builds, but it might work better to not health stack with this kind of build. idk.

I second the Sheriffs Badge, cooldown relic suggestions ; but also a pistol stockpile relic. Grog and Harold are ammo pigs.

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Sal’s damage is so nuts you can stack hp all day and still health gate with Grog.