Salvador on Twitch

Am I the only one that’s slightly put off by the overwhelming amount of streamers that play nothing but Sal? I was looking for a good Maya/Zer0 streamer, and it just seems like EVERYONE who plays OP8 is playing in a 3Sal1Maya team or something. It’s disheartening.

Well people believe he is the best to use in OP8 so that is to be expected. Hopefully we will see a few more with the release of the Handsome Collection.

Playing Sal at OP8 is like playing on “easy mode”. Don’t get me wrong,I love playing Sal if I just want to hack around for a half hour or so and want to do some light farming.

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I play Maya and Krieg. I’m different (turret voice)

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Really sal in OP8 is broken.
Normally use with harold /grog nozzle
Or ahab/flakker/pimpernel glitches.
Sal is My favourite character ,but no use with this weapons and gear.because it is very unbalanced with that gear. but it pisses me off because my favorite is the shield with the fabled tortoise, but I can not use in OP8 because they do not have to use it properly balanced in OP8. I’m frustrated, so use maya / axton / krieg in OP8. if there is a miracle in which repair the pangolin shields in OP, I will use salt, but without the “easy mode” and beareth different from the typical used with gear.

Most steamers play on PC so I doubt it will affect it much.

Remember when Sal was considered “the worst” in Bl2, and people complained his action skill was useless and that he should have permenant Dual Weilding to balance with the other 3 characters.

Aaaaaah, the youthful ignorance of 2012

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Well. Quite frankly they suck. It’s harder to play other characters well on OP8. There really is no other ways to frame it.

Nah bro you just suck :smile:

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Oh good, someone shares my opinion…o_O.

I am one of the many offline Axton hoard , but if streamers want to use Sal for the stupid LOLWUT levels of DPS to get reactions of the stream viewers I dont see the issue. This affects us non streamers how?