Salvador Playthrough 1 Build

If I were to start playing on a brand new Gunzerker and run with this build until DLC and/or TVHM would this build be able to keep me alive and get me through?
Or should i be focusing on damage instead of Suvivability?

In Normal mode, pretty much anything goes. @Chuck80 usually suggest going with brawn early on with rampage in TVHM and switching to the cookie cutter gunlust-rampage build in UVHM.

So pretty much what I listed here then. Thanks for the input!

My only suggestion would be to take the point from Sexy T-rex and put it into Fistful of Hurt- might as well take advantage of the increased melee damage from All In The Reflexes and it’s a great way to get some breathing space from the super aggressive melee attackers…

At your level, move the points from all in the Reflex to TRex and CamB, the minimal reload speed bonus is not vital at that point.

Either that, or move completely to the middle tree: inconceivable, last longer, AITR, YKY, Get Some and Keep firing. Leave the points in hard to kill.

Both are totally viable, it depends on your personal preferences and the gear you have at the moment.

As you’re leveling up though, Brawn is a bit better… Until you can reach Get Some.

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Pretty much this.

Brawn is very good early on to stay in the fight, but when you have enough points, Rampage is best to keep the Gunzerking going. Then put the remainder Rampage to go into TONS of damage. Unless you want to give people the middle finger.

Also, Incite is pretty damn good. It’s very inciting, indeed.

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