Salvador vs raid bosses

whats the best build/gear to use on sal vs op8 raid bosses? (mostly terramorphis)

my current build:

as for gear ive been mainly using grog and dpuh, rough rider, sheriffs badge, legendary gunzeker, storm front. and I have the chaotic evil monk and other coms, ladys fists, and butchers, bee shield ,sham logans gun, and norfleets.

Seems like you pretty much have the standard Sal build and gear although personally I max out Hard To Kill over Asbestos and make All Out Of Bubblegum 4/5 instead of having Fistful of Hurt (I’d also include an Antagonist and L. Hoarder if you have them). If all your gear is at level then it’s just a matter of time, skill and patience, although using a GN/fire Lady Fist might speed things up some. Can’t say that I’ve ever done the Pimpernel/Ahab trick but you could try it if you like. Right now I’m using the Deputy Sal build done by Chuck80- if you tire of using your current build give it a try…

thanks dude

My favorite setup for killing Terra as Sal is Chaotic Evil Monk, Grog offhand and fire Interfacer main hand. Fire elemental relic or Fire bone of ancients, slag Bouncing Betty/Bonny grenade mod.

Swap to DPUH/Grog for that one phase where he’s extremely fire resistant.

The other thing you can do is offhand a slag Lady Fist with the fire Interfacer and swap to Grog/DPUH when you need to heal.