Salvador's Passive Effects

The Gunzerker is a walking glitch with the passive weapon effects glitch such as the lady fist’s critical hit damage, the pimpernel and a torgue launched. However the grog nozzle and DPUH (double penetrating unkempt Harold)/Interfacer and the right skills and shield(mainly bee and perfect sham). This is basically broken. Can you think of any other combinations?:wink:

Sure, there are a lot to chose from
"Grog Nozzle + Lady fist = 2400% crit bonus" is a good one

I wouldn’t call them all glitches though.
The pimpernel/Rocket launcher is a glitch, but the lady fist is just a crit bonus.

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Infinite Money Shot chains with the Infinity! Hold the Infinity in your off-hand, while emptying your ammo pool with your main hand gun. Just make sure you empty your ammo pool down before you start gunzering. One shot is all you need to get it going.


Grog has a crit bonus of 1600%? .-.

It has a multiplicative 200% bonus

K I was thinking of Lady fist+b!tch

Money Shot on your off-hand is calculated based on your main-hand. So you can have a two-shot Jackobs shotgun on your off-hand, a gun with 12+ mag size on your main hand, and your off-hand will receive the full Money Shot bonus.

Speaking of which, chaining Money Shots with Inconceivable.

I believe the Pimpernel glitch also works for the Flakker.

Having a Trespasser on one hand will let your other gun bypass shields. Not super broken, but useful.

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