Salvador's top speed

Hey people of the forums, I’m new here and I know not much is probably gonna happen considering this is a dying thing but I had a question. What is Salvador’s top movement speed? I worked out a few things with the gear that I have and was wondering if there’s any faster way (besides rocket jumping). I enjoy zooming around and movement speed is the best so I put a few things together. I had a monk class mod that lowered sheild capacity and put +5 into incite, so i paired that with a low level tortoise. When active that is +60% to incite and +50% from the tortoise. So we’re already at 210% movement speed, then +50% from bus that can’t slow down and that leaves us at 260% movement speed which is quite insane, but could we get higher. I have already thought of the berserker com but desided my monk com would be better because of the fabled tortoise always being active to get +50% rather than the flat +20% from the berserker.

also wondering, what is the approximate speed of rocket jumping percentage wise?

unfortunately I cant help, i have a few points in incite and thats it, didnt realize he actually went fast! if i want to do that i use maya :slight_smile:

I never had done the math before but while gunzerking gunzerker goes at roughly 200% speed, while maya can consistently run at 210%, but with incite he can surpass maya by 50%. She’s more consistant but in bursts he can win out.

I want to try this now. I’ll see how fast I can get

You’re gonna need a class mod that boosts incite and lowers shield capacity, the lowered shield capacity pairs with a low level tortoise shield so it constantly has no capacity and gives you the speed boost.
That will give you a flat +50% movement speed constantly but you will not have a shield.

Ehh the tortoise is what I’m missing. Oh well I can go farm blue in nvhm

yeah it only took me about half an hour, I used a berserker com and bus that can’t slow down to farm him faster because of the long run actually

many have tried it already with a version of my deputy build (which happens to work with both the tortoise shield and the Raider COM and that also already puts points in Bus)

Aside from the novelty factor, and the fun you can have by going that fast, it makes the game very hard to play :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t it be like playing with a RR. I mean all you need is a grog/rubi and you’ll be fine

it’s like a rough rider with the no shield capacity, but instead of 20% damage resistance and more max health you have +50% movement speed, dying isn’t a problem if you have the right equipment.

So do you know of any ways we could go faster?

Nope, that’s pretty much it.

Although combining this with rocket jump could net great results.

It’s not the survival side of it that makes it very hard, it’s just that it’s difficult to control your movements at that speed.

I guess a RL build wouldn’t have that problem since “aiming is for people with small guns” , so it might be worth a try :slight_smile:

Rocket jumping, speed and unbridled violence… Very Sal-like.

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I guess if the player wasn’t used to it.

If you want some more movement speed you can go with Legendary Berserker class mod. It gives +20% movement speed while zekring. And if you want your shield to be depleted then use low level grenade or weapon with fairly high corrode damage chance like Slow hand or just corrosive Badaboom. I’m doing it this way and then it’s much easier to rocket jump.

It’s not difficult. You just need to get used to it by lowering your sensitivity and then constantly increasing it to normal value.

Needing to get used to something for it to work is pretty much the definition of difficult.

If you are doing something wrong then it’s difficult/ hard to get used to something.

Look, I don’t want to start an argument here, but if you need to train by [quote=“bewbs, post:16, topic:1429338”]
lowering your sensitivity and then constantly increasing it to normal value.

For it to work…then it’s probably something difficult to do in the first place

Not saying it’s impossible :slight_smile:
But I don’t think it’s worth the effort

I don’t say you need to lower your sens to value when you need whole table to do 360 with your mouse. You need to find low value what you feel most comfortable with. It’s same like driving car with high speed, you don’t do fast and dynamic moves with wheel because your car will become unstable and it will finally crash. If he want’s to play with high speed then low sens is better for more accurate shots and more smooth control movement. And this is much easier to get used to than play and being unstable, inaccurate and then finally trying to figure how to improve. So it’s definitely worth the effort.