Salvador's top speed

I don’t get what low mouse sensitivity has to do with walking speed.

If you could fine-tune the analogue sensitivity of your WASD keys, then yes you would be absolutely right.
However, at 5/5 Bus, 10/5 incite and the tortoise bonus all active at the same time, moving around is just too fast to make accurate movements.

Low sens = more accurate shot with high walk speed when zoom in or hip firing. Even in games like CS people are using low sens for more accurate shots and walk speed is still pretty slow.

Sensitivity with kboard keys will be always the same. But mouse is the main device what you use to choose direction of movement.

You obviously are not playing fast paced FPS games. Quake players are using fairly low sensitivity to maintain or even increase their movement speed even more, still with very accurate shots.

I’ve done lots of Rocket Jumping with maximized movement speed. And control of my movement was never issue for me. Because of lower mouse sensitivity.

no, I don’t…not that what I do personally changes anything to what I said however

Good for them then. Not exactly my point though. I’m not saying its too fast to make accurate shots
I said it was too fast to even walk around a map, getting inside door frames and not falling into pits.
Surely that kind of speed isn’t available from the get go in Quake… or else I remember that game very badly.

the “Maximized movement speed” you are talking about, is on the level we’re discussing here ?
With 5/5 bus, 10/5 incite and a broken tortoise ?

I said that because if you would play them then you’ll know how important is smooth mouse movement.

Yes with those bonuses and sometimes + Legendary Berserker com for additional 20% movement speed, depends of map.

There is a shield called the fabled tortoise that reduces movement speed and drastically increases movement speed when depleted, I have this, there is a gun (I believe it’s a rocket launcher) that keeps your shield at zero constantly but I cannot remember the name or where to get it ( oasis I think), but this combo paired with the right skills should have Sal running around at just over 300% movement speed and even more when you gunzerk. If anyone knows what gun I’m talking about I would appreciate it

Not a gun : Raider COM (and the Sniper if playing Zer0) - although I suppose if you spammed an Orphan Maker in the right hand it would keep your shield down. But that’s not really the smart thing to do.

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