Salvage Corvettes are amazing

So many turanic corvettes that are easily salvageable without any kamikaze tricks. It’s actually ridiculous.

On that note, the standard corvette claims to act as a salvage corvette in its description but I can’t figure out how to activate this. Anyone figure it out?

Amazingly overpowered for what they are currently able to do. Sure it is fun, but they really need to be toned down on their ability to capture vessels as easy as they are doing. It seems to be that their ability to LOCK ON AND CAPTURE needs to be adjusted so its less easy?

Agreed, they are too amazing.

And here I thought they would be weaker overall but they actually got buffed.

They’re better, per each, but the limit of 14 is going to be a big hindrance to those who liked to have like 140 later in the game (using the ghost ship gambit which probably doesn’t work anymore). It’ll be hard to capture all the fuel pods in the Gardens, I expect.

And the captured missile corvettes have been neutered so they aren’t worth as much to capture anymore. I am having a debate with myself whether they are really any better than heavy corvettes. I suppose I’ll see when i get to the swarmers.

No more kami/salvage? That was always a fun trick, very satisfying when you could pull it off consistently.

I’d say you kids are spoiled, but if they nerfed missilevettes that much… sheesh. That was the #1 reason to learn kami/salvage. Those were the only ships that could perform a BVR attack in the entire game- 40 missiles from halfway across the map as long as you had a spotter for them. Good times…

Can anyone confirm still being able to salvage past the build cap, or did that get the axe?