Salvage Corvettes vs Carriers

So, one of the popular strats in the game right now is the Salvage Corvette rush, where you play Kush/Tai and build up a bunch of light corvettes + salvage corvettes, dock them in your mothership, hyperspace on top of enemy carrier and steal it.

This strat only works against other Kush/Tai players - if they research anything other than Corvette tech they are almost guaranteed to lose. (Fighters will lose to light vettes, Frigates will get salvaged by Salvagers)

There is no logical reason why it shouldn’t work against Higgy/Vagyr players, as their earlygame is dramatically weaker than Kush/Tai earlygame. However, when you salvage a HW2 carrier, weird buggy behavior ensues. The HW1 races cannot build HW2 style modules or HW2 units, so you can’t actually select your new Carrier as a production facility. This leads to some VERY odd behavior.

For example, hitting “d” to dock your 'vettes for repairs can cause your 'vette swarm to dock with the captured HW2 Carrier. This is really bad, because the Captured HW2 Carrier does not have a “launch” menu. Your 'vettes will dock with the carrier and become trapped on-board, causing you to lose the game.

I would just retire the captured carrier

They should make it so that you can still build YOUR units from a captured carrier. No matter the race from whence it came…

You can’t, I’ve tried, you are left to scuttle it.

You CAN get to gravwells BEFORE they have enough salvage corvettes to capture your ships and use them to disable the salvettes, for now. Gravwell research is available right after capship drive, get them then get chassis for assault frigates and as long as you have 1-2 gravwells you can keep the corvs off your carrier. You also get the side benefit of them not being able to hyper right on the carrier.

I know it limits your strategic options but until they fix the issues it won’t go away.