Salvage Corvettes

I don’t know if this a bug or a stupid rule change but I can’t build more than 14 salvage corvettes :unamused: :disappointed:

Probably a balancing measure so that you don’t build 50 salvage vettes in MP.

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It’s interrupting to my campaign play!

I’m sorry to hear that. I’m pretty sure a modder can or perhaps even has made a mod to remove that limitation in the campaign. Maybe you can make a post here: GL.

Firstly I think Forceuser is right and this is most likely the reason the change has happened.

As when you look at the little balance details quite a lot has actually changed in HWR and that’s going to subtly alter the way the campaign is played compared to your older classic run-throughs.

In classic you had a corvette class build pop cap of 50 units
so 50 corvettes of any mix no more no less.

if you wanted 50 salvage corvettes it meant you sacrificed the ability to produce any other type of corvette completely.
(its worth noting that you could only build 10 minelayers and 40 multigun corvettes but these numbers still counted to you max pop cap of 50.

Fast forward to today and Salvage corvettes now have there own unique pop cap of, as you state 14.

The rest of the corvette class now has a pop cap of 42 that works in the same manner as the old cap used to. 42 units of any mix no more no less.(with a limit of only 4 minelayers this time)

In short a new maximum combined corvette total of 56 units.

So if you want more salvage corvettes don’t forget to incorporate the changes into the other corvette pop cap or your going to knock thing out of balance in completely the other direction. look at removing the build cap for salvagers and then incorporating them back into the main corvette classes pop cap of 42 (bumping this number back up to 50 would also be necessary for a more original playthrough)

If you go so far as to get a mod for this put together, for best effect you also want to tone down available resources and scale back the enemy scaling as well, As all of these thing are pulling on the same thread of balance to varying degree’s of effect.