Salvage easter egg!

Has anyone spotted this before? Slv_chunk_lrg06 is not salvage, its an easter egg…


Good to know … :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t see this because i don’t search in the file ^^

April is still 4 months away… :wink:

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Yep :slight_smile: its from hw2c:


Totally cool!!!

I was thinking about using it for a super-salvage-chunk when a dreadnaught bites the dust, but somehow in-game it looks too stupid. :slight_smile:

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you could just use a different hod for that

Yeah well, they’re in there now. They kinda grew on me. :smiley: Maybe they’ll get replaced by a cool-looking glowing-core-type-thingy later, but we haven’t started messing with making our own models yet.

even if you don’t make your own models, you could just use something like the taiidan probe’s hod.

Is the non-homeworldness of that egg bugging you? =D

We had some ideas for some totally funny stuff, but we figure HW fans take this game VERY seriously… :wink:

anyway, I really like the different teams’ Battlecruiser or Heavy Cruiser options and think it would be great to differentiate them more. my favorite update on the original ships was one greggy did for HW2 which the Complex team updated for
HWR: adding 4 vgr_destroyer gun turrets to the Vaygr BC as a subsystem.

I think having innate gravwells is another really good enhancement

no, i like goofiness at times. it just depends on what mood i’m in

I still haven’t really played through a game on complex. I started it and it looks really cool, but it seemed like kind of a lot to learn and I was just too lazy at that moment. haha That was one of the things we wanted to shoot for with Goliath, that you don’t have to learn anything new or find new strategies if you have one that you like for the standard game. I’ll check complex out in detail when I get some more time. I totally like the idea of your ships getting better with experience, but I think that might be too much of a rip-off to bring it into Goliath.

Yeah, we brought the HW1 battlecruisers up to speed with the HW2 ones, and made them more expensive because they start upgraded and with a gravwell and hyperspace module. The CPU never used the gravwells from the standard game, and it made them too easy to beat because if you ever killed the HW1 mothership, that player could never really recover. We fixed that too. :wink: