Salvager quick harvest option?

(Tren) #1

Is there any way to quick select and issue a harvest order to salvagers similar to HW:RMs “H” hot key?

All too often I find I have idle salvagers and I have to abandon my army to get them working again, would it be possible to impliment some kind of quick harvest option to get salvagers to begin collection at the closest CU/RU node?

(theoblivinator) #2

Yo this would be a great addition to the game. I could see myself loving this feature if implemented.

(Ritualcoercer) #3

Another thing that is a slight annoyance is that when the salvager construction is queued to a wreck and the wreck gets demolished, the rallied salvagers just move to the wreck and sit there. This is mostly relevant in the early game.

(Tren) #4

Yea, this would also be a huge help, save alot of wasted harvest time.

(Majiir) #5

I avoid quick-dropping a lot for this reason – it’s hard to avoid losing more time than you gain. It would be great to have a hotkey.

(RagnaroK) #6

+1 to this idea.