Salvaging, kamikaze and scuttle/explosion issues

Compared to Homeworld 1, many problems are in Homeworld Remastered such as salvaging fighters is now usless and the slow and underpowered salvage Corvette has to drag it’s victim to the mothership instead of a nearby carrier or shipyard for hw2 races.* This makes salvaging ships like battlecruisers in Multiplayer pointless to races like the kushan and taiidan who have not got marine/infiltrator frigates to jump in and steal the prize.

Kamakaze used to be very useful as you could send an army of resource collectors to run into an enemy mothership and half of it’s health has gone to oblivion. Also I don’t know if this is fixed yet but the ultimate weapon was (in Remastered multiplayer) was sending 4 or 5 squadrons of assault craft into a mothership to blow it up instantly.

Finally, ships blowing up do not damage nearby ships unless they are in the center of the explosion and are only fighters. In HW you could scuttle your mothership to stop a final invasion of fighters, corvettes and even some frigates if they got close enough. This is not the case in Remastered but it probably got it from the HW 2 engine.

  • nearby carrier or shipyard for hw2 races… Edit: HW 2 races don’t have salvage corvettes… Silly me :blush:

I think the changes you mentioned are very welcome in Remastered.

I don’t mean this as a good thing

Ah. I missed that

This was fixed ages ago, I think in the very first patch.

This has been fixed as well, at least in the official balance mod. I just scuttled my carrier in a game and took out almost all of the corvette force that attacked it.

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What about the salvage Corvette and the 150 m/s compared to hw1 425 m/s

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I mean it fixed in the stock game when you buy it. Mods are good but the mod system is much slower than it could be.

This has already been discussed, the HW1 units were really in feet per second, so the real value for the salvage corvette speed was 130 m/s, but the only problem is that now units have much more range that they did in HW1 making things more difficult for them.

It’s a mod so that they can test it with the public and get it working as best as possible before incorporating it into the base game. And how is the mod system slow? HWR has a pretty good mod system IMO, certainly compared to the other games (which didn’t have one at all). Unless I’m misunderstanding you.

I think he meant Steam?