Salvatorgue: Strict Torgue allegiance help needed

Need some help/advice for my strict Torgue allegiance run.

Currently at Lvl53 in UVHM and am having some issues with getting enough damage off (particularly badass enemies).

I have access to on level weapons from the Torgue machines but find that they are not lasting more than a level or 2.

My build atm:

I have taken Sal to 72 (pre new level cap) but that was using slag and matching elements. I am running a blue BZ com (awaiting lvl 61 for the legendary GZ com)

Will I be able to get enough damage from just explosive weapons as I level up?

Any help/advice/tips appreciated.


Shifting points from 5so6 to last longer would help.

Since you are never using Hyperion weapons, SasG should be picked.

And moving some points to brawn from gunlust would allow you to be more aggressive. agTtB should give you a boost in survivability. Once you are able to put some points in Bus, the slow projectiles should be less of an issue.

What CoM do you have access to with Torgue ?


Thanks Chuck, that is great advice. I have access to berzerker and beast coms and leg berzerker. Will try for a leg gunzerker when I get to 61 which should improve things. Am using BP for my made but may be better off with a decent mirv as I blow myself up regularly :smiley:


And reason I have invested in gunlust is to get down not out so I don’t lose gz when I go into ffyl


You can probably get away with a variant of a deputy build with a ravager and the beast Com, but the leg. Berserker is probably your best bet overall then. :slight_smile:

Is the contraband sky rocket Torgue ?
It has a learning curve to not kill yourself with, but it’s silly effective.

Edit: nevermind, it’s bandit.
Get a mirv :slightly_smiling_face: