Sam - The Tediore Brigadier

Seeing Moze had me speculating as to what other manufacturer armies would look like. The most interesting one was Tediore, being the ‘skin flint’ company gave me some pretty funny images. So I came up with Sam, part of their ‘Swords of Liberation’ Brigade, aka the SoL. Sam decided to leave after his commanding officer wanted them to swap out their shields for heavily stuffed pillows.

As for Action Skills and the like, it’s a work in progress. I know I want to use Sal’s ‘Double your fun’ somewhere (Nothing says thrifty like two for one), and a lot would deal with health regen and maybe ammo saving/regen because again, cheap. I see him being a spiritual successor to Kriegs “High Risk, High Reward” style.

I do have two Action skills though

The Pillar of Salvation Turret - This is a rattle-trap if you ever saw one. It belches smoke, it sparks like Christmas, it’s a mess. Fortunately, it draws enemy attention like moths to a flame, and explodes when it runs out. I see upgrades for it aligning with the philosophy ‘it’s not a bug, it’s a feature’, like a cracked casing leaking radiation poisoning the enemies drawn to it, or a rocket pack that causes the barrel to fly off at random and torpedo enemies.

Tesla Arc Armor - An AoE ability that generates a field of electricity that damages enemies…and you. You can flavor this up with fire and explosives of course, maybe add damage to the gun you’re holding at the cost of no shields or something.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what y’all think

If it manages to kill your enemy, it’s doing it’s job… might want to stand back, though. If the rockets get jammed, the entire pod might launch at once, taking the turret for a bullet-riddled ride into some bandit’s face.

Yes! I like that! Nice one. I’m glad I finally got a reply to this. Again, the idea of Tediores Special Forces feels like a prime opportunity for comedic cheapness