Same account characters in split screen

Every now and then my son would join me for a split screen game on my PS3 and just use one of my other characters. Now I have PS4 and Handsome collection, I have cross saved my characters, but am having trouble figuring out how to split screen 2 of my characters. It only gives him the option of starting a new character. What are we doing wrong? Thanks

I believe they changed that feature on PS4 so that using existing save files requires an account on the system? You should be able to create an account for him, but you’ll likely have to start a character from scratch. Fortunately, the recent DLC/update added the opportunity to start a character at level 30 with main story complete up to Heroes Pass and all the side quests still available in NVHM for gear.

you can’t split screen two of your characters, he would need his own account and his own character.