Same Clappy in all 3 Borderlands?

I seem to remember that when TPS was released, Gearbox confirmed that the main Clappy in all 3 titles was the same one in all 3 titles.

But the ending of the Claptastic Voyage seems to dispute this.

The Clappy who survives the mass Clappy destruction by Jack seemed to be just a random one that Hyperion troops got careless with.

What do you guys think?

Yes, same clappy.


Yes, same clappy.

Well, that was prompt and efficient!

Definitely the same Clappy. If you notice, he is the only yellow-and-white CL4P-TP unit out of the lot. E.g. the programming CL4P-TPs in Jack’s outer office are primarily red, while the police and customs ones are primarily blue. Also, he’s the only one in that final cut-scene with a bullet hole in him - and he’s also the only one that got shot in that sequence.

Edit: Now I come to think of it, almost all the CL4P-TPs you rescue in BL1 are colours other than yellow (apart from the one that greets you at the bus stop) are they not?


what color is the one that gets you into jacks office?

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Blue and white.

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Excellent observation!

No other words were required.


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