Same Legendary Guns Over, and Over, and Over...🙄

Bazillions of guns. Bazillions. I know that’s not a real number. But in BL1, BL2, and even the Pre-Sequel, it felt a lot more like ‘Bazillions’…anyone else having this problem lately? I mean it’s to the point where I’m constantly groaning and rolling my eyes once I walk up and check my piles of Legendary’s. Gearbox, are you Trolling me??? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Anyone else relating to me?


i would just like to farm dedicated drops and not the same 5 mainstream drops 24/7


A.k.a “Trollbox”…


Glad I’m not the only one…it’s still happening. Seriously, it seems like the same 6 or 7 guns. Class Mods and Artifacts are fine. :roll_eyes:

That is mostly due to either A: You are running too much “world” content (things without dedicated drops or Promethea as a whole atm),
or B: You are experiencing something that a lot of us are a bit concerned about, dedicated loot drop rates. They are stupidly low since Mayhem levels dont affect them atm.

Apart from that, i am still finding a lot of legendaries, and even some i didnt knew existed before. Just dont farm anything on Promethea/Athenas atm. the lootpools there are cluttered with world drops.

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Yes there are a LOT of legendaries. But some, like Woodblocker, ASMD, Ripper, Malics Bane fall like rain. I dropped a badass and got 3 Woodblockers from him.


Okay, thanks so much for the reply and tip! I’ll give it a shot.

THREE!!! Holy Crap!!! :roll_eyes:

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Yep. I was getting more Malak’s Bane from Katagawa Jr. than Sandhawk, which is a dedicated drop.

People keep saying that item drops aren’t weighted but I’m still skeptical.

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Malak’s Band

That is about 75% of my weapon drops. Class mod/ grenade/ shield drops still represent about 75% of my total drops so those are 75% of 25%.

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In borderlands 1 and 2 and across all dlcs.

Blues and purples were still viable some were even op. There were rare items and drops and quest items!

Many players replayed the whole campaign just for quest items! Getting a sick version etc.

In this game the viable guns are all legendarys with a few select ear marked purples. The damage and dps possible is a huge difference.

All guns require anoints to be superb unless u have a build for it.

The loot forumla for this game and whats viable is crapola. I loved the bl2 variety! Needing anoints the anoint system pidgeonholes us.

Quest items dont scale to mayhem levels/ getting an anoint is mega rare.

There is a severe lack as to whats viable.

Anyways in before the “game is fine working as intended-everything taste great, crowd”


This was about 50% Handsome Jackhammers!
Drop rate was significant at M10, but still not much of interest in the piles.
I could not even get Mother of Grogans to give up anything but a Malak’s Bane.
I have seen her unique spawn, the Creeping Death shotgun, early in the game and at lower levels but then nothing with post play. Oh well.

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I’m playing right now and it’s still the same old story. Same 6 or so Legendaries over, and over, and over. C’mon Gearbox. We need a patch. ASAP.

I am with you. 100%. BL and BL2 are my faves. Been thinking about putting this down and running through BL Remastered since I still have not done that yet and it’s just sitting here. Also sitting here is Doom Eternal. Been just playing this. Started out great in September. Even after. DLC’s have been enjoyable. This latest Mayhem 2.0 just kinda ruined it for me. Too mechanical.
Feels Cold. No Fun Factor. I think I’m going to have to let BL3 rest until they patch this Legendary Drop problem.

Yeah, its getting old now. Same loot over and over again. Doesn’t matter where I farm. Its the same thing.

I have minimized my playtime until they fix what is wrong.

While I love the game. Its not worth my time to farm if the reward isn’t good.

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Starting to wish purple loots rain down much more. Some great ones I want to try that’ll be hard to even get because of world drop legendaries, same boring ones keeps dropping all the time.

Maybe I’m little sick of legendaries a bit but I would like to get a hold of M10 purples. Only if those scale to M10

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