Same legendary weapon drops over and over and over

I keep getting the same legendary weapon drops throughout the game. I thought this was supposed to be random? If it was truly random, I’d be getting different legendary weapon drops instead of the same weapons over and over again!

Just beat Wotan on M4 and got the same stuff I already have and only 1 item was actually Anointed for the character I’m using. Horrible!


That’s RNG for ya. Because it is in fact random, there’s also a chance that you keep on getting the same stuff. Granted, it’s not likely, but it’s also not impossible.
That and of course the fact that drops are not 100% random, since specific enemies have a higher chance of dropping specific items.

Like I said. If it was random, I wouldn’t be getting the same stuff over and over again! Seriously?

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Go roll a six sided die 50 times. Come back and tell us how many of each result you get.

For example, you might roll a 1 five times, a 2 eight times, a 3 seven times, a 4 ten times, a 5 six times, and a 6 fourteen times.

Random, literally is random.

Also, what legendaries are you getting a lot of? Some of them simply drop way more often for everyone. Woodblocker for example. I think there’s a specific reason for that. But I don’t know why. Probably because it’s a world drop or something like that.

LMAO… The game’s randomness isn’t based on a 6 sided die! They’re are literally thousands of random drop possibilities for just legendary weapons.


Same principle. Never said there 6 possibilities. I’m done with this thread.

For instance… I’m using Adapting Sleeping Giant in Cathedral of the Twin Gods and a trooper just dropped another one. Truly not random!

I just ran Wotan a few times and the drops did seem very similar. Like exact class mods and rolls, exact weapons and anointments…

Guess its the lull before DLC…


That’s exactly what in talking about!

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And now there’s no sound! I give up!

People use RNG to explain anything…

Even a database with algorithms…

The sound does glitch out if your ps4 or computer is over-heated and cache not clear…

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There are definitely some items that are weighted more than others, intentional or not. If this wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be memes all over reddit about getting Woodblockers all the time.

Yes… I’ve gotten like 6 of them in the past 2 weeks.

I haven’t seen a new weapon in months… Just the same ones over and over…

Rare spawns are still ok I think…

I keep getting pistols in weapons boxes

The loot event has ended better to farm bosses, shafts, Wotan and Rare Spawns. I don’t even bother in chests atm…

It very much is. Whenever a gun drops, the following things are rolled:
1: Gun Type
2: Manufacturer
3: Rarity
4: Specific gun
5: Random gun parts

The exception to this rule are assigned drops which are based on a much simpler system:

1: Assigned drop yes or no
2: If assigned drop, which one
3: Random gun parts

If you were getting literally the same gun all the time, that would be questionable. But that every legendary SMG you get would be the Sleeping Giant is unlikely, but not exactly impossible.

Wotan has a set drop pool of items which are more likely to drop from him (some even can only drop from him and noone else).

His Lootpool contains:
1: The Zheitsevs Eruption
2: The Good Juju
3: Crader’s EM-P5
4: The Redistributor
5: The Tankman’s Shield
6: Vosk’s Deathgrip
7: Kyb’s Worth
9: The Juliet’s Dazzle
10: The Moonfire
11: The Tigg’s Boom
12: The Version 0.m
13: The Frozen Snowshoe
14: The Spiritual Driver
15: The R4kk P4kk
16: The Raging Bear
17: The Antifreeze

That’s a rather crowded lootpool, however a lot of those items only drop on Mayhem 4 which narrows it down unless you have been playing on that difficulty.
What I’m trying to say here is: Wotan dropping the same items repeatedly is to be expected.

Borderlands is in fact a mostly random game. The reason why the Woodblocker in particular is more common is simple: It’s the only legendary Hyperion Sniper Rifle that can actually world drop. The other two legendary Hyperion Rifles can only drop from specific enemies, so whenever you roll “Sniper Rifle” “Hyperion” and “Legendary” you are guaranteed to receive a Woodblocker.

Compare that, for instance with Jakobs pistols. Out of the 8 legendary Jakobs pistols in the base game, 6 can world drop (The Kings/Queens call only drops from a specific enemy and the Amazing Grace is a quest reward). That means, whenever you get the rolls “Pistol”, “Jakobs” and “Legendary”, your chance to receive a Maggie for instance is exactly 1/6 or 16.666%, so you are much more likely to get a Woodblocker than a Maggie (that is, assuming that all gun types and manufacturers are weighted equally).

Long story short, some guns drop more often because their combination of manufacturer, rarity and gun type has a small pool of items that may actually world drop.

It’s still highly random, though there are admittedly a few factors that make particular guns more likely to drop. The system is not however rigged like in some other games (Monster Hunter Tri for instance had something called charm tables, where at the beginning of a playthrough it would basically roll certain drops for this playthrough based on some abitrary factors, leading to players restarting the game over and over again and checking their first few drops to determine which of the tables they got, until they got one of the desirable ones that would let them roll strong charms).


Are you farming the same chests over and over again? Certain chests seem only to be able to roll particular item types.