Same question as always. Will the PC version of Borderlands be also for Mac users?

Yeah…I should buy something else but what do you think?

Can you run the epic game store on mac? If not, you’ll have to wait until april.

Yes you can run the epic game store on Mac, for fortnite among others.

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Then i don’t see why not.

Technically they can run it on mac using bootcamp or parallels to run windows on the mac.

However I doubt the PC version on its own will run on MacOS.

oh no, gearbox would have to have a mac version. or, more likely, have it ported, probably by Aspyr again.

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Right now, Aspyr are porting the UHD texture stuff for Mac and Linux to restore full playability with PC users. They would certainly be the logical choice for a Mac version of BL3.

(And somewhere I still have the media for the Aspyr ports of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, KOTOR, and Battlefront.)




cool beans. luckily the remaster is an entirely new game, or I’d have to switch to windows to co op for that too. it is entirely janky as hell in co op, though. hitting T will freeze my mouse, and has to be unplugged and replugged. I did this twice, trying to talk to @Kurtdawg13 lmao. Let’s hope Aspyr can do better than Proton.

Note to self: Do not misspell Aspyr as Asypr. Sounds dirty.

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Wondered about that when I saw a PC Tech Support post earlier about a mouse freeze.

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it’ll also happen randomly, and also sometimes if you’re in windowed mode and open a different program, say pulling up your browser.

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