Samsara health regen

Is the skill debugged, or does it still offer no health regen?

Samsara need an update to make it work with more action skills ( like blue tree skill deliverance homing projectiles or Tandava) , but for now the best way to proc 5 stack of samsara is to play Fist over matter in red tree , but you have to watch the animation for samsara to work

I’v use Samsara since launch and I can tell you what will and will not stack it. In my honest opinion unless your using Downfall Samsara is not a great use of 3 skills point. However if you use the Phasezerker Mod mixed with Avatar for the extra 10 rush stacks, an anointed effect that reduces your Cooldown on action skill end, avoid augments that i
Make your cooldown lo get, then a bit more CD you can keep it up almost 100% of the time. Which is very worth it

Another thing to note is that you will need to maintain Rush stacks for this to work, and Stacks have individual lengths so If you stack one then an enemy dies then you hit something else for the other 4 after 2 or 3 seconds you will lose that first stack 3 seconds before the others. Honestly it’s a good choice for a gun melee hybrid tank.

This skill is still really buggy. Downfall is a guaranteed but leaves you open and unless your build a ton of CD

This I get, but at launch the health regen part of the skill didn’t work, you got the gun damage but not the health regen. Did they fix that?

Honestly on console I never had a problem with it and I was playing day one its possible I just didn’t notice because I had points in other HPregen. I can definitely say it dose give me HP regen although there are times where it doesn’t feel like I’m getting 25% HP per second.

I think you’ve faced the same misconception as most of us on it : Samsara don’t offer health regen currently. You see an increase of health regen after using your skills, but it come from the talent on the first line (which effect double after skill use)

So I don’t actually put any points in to Clarity at all now. It definitely is giving HP regen but here is the strange thing. It seems to give less the more HP you have like Clarity. The moment I’m above 70% HP with 5 stacks of 3 point Samsara I’m seeing maybe 100 to 300 HP a second when my regen should be a flat 2000 a second. It looks like the skills is not stacking correctly.

It definitely is giving me regeneration but it’s not as powerful as they skill description leads you to believe.
Honestly I have two theories as to what could be wrong here. First is the possibility that its programmed similar to Clarity where it diminishes is power the more percentful of HP you are. The second is the regen is not adding up properly in calculation.

So in short it definitely dose give you HP regen but it is very likely still buggy. I’m actually going to go back to Clarity and see how it plays with my set up

Yeah, the regen is based on missing health like Clarity, contrary to what’s stated in the skill’s description.

Still, it doesn’t not offer 25%/sec of missing health.

I feel as if they should take out the stacking component from this skill and re balance the amount of gun damage offered. Lots of skills can only get one stack some skills that do damage don’t even proc the ability some times (Tandava comes to mind) in addition the skill should be triggered on action skill Start like Helping Hands and Find your Center.