Samsara still bugged?

I tried running Samsara for a melee-hybrid build right after the level cap increase and I’m still seeing such inconsistent use of it, regardless of Action Skill or Augments used. I don’t see any notable increase in gun damage and regardless and I only get healing from it whenever it decides to want to work.

Are you kidding me that this is broken over a year later? I was actually considering buying this next season pass and playing again since I gave up on this bugshow of a game a month after release. But if base skills are still bugged then screw this game.

What about Remnant? Did they fix that yet?

Did they fix Fist Over Matter? Previously it wouldn’t do any damage unless the host of the game was constantly looking at the fist. If the host looked away, it would stop doing damage. Completely ridiculous. Maybe the problem with Samsara is similar?

And did they fix the Rush stacks bug?

What about the Infusion bug?

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Fracture is still bugged believe it or not smh

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Smasara’s increase to gun damage is very little, and with many other sources of increased damage, it can easily be overshadowed. This skill is mostly for survival, and I do find the health regeneration very effective and never noticed any bugs, at least in the last few months of play.

I checked for that, re-specced and de-geared to test and it still hasn’t been activating the gun damage and the healing as I said is really sporadic. Sometimes it decides to work and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m trying to work on builds that don’t rely entirely on the Spiritual Driver for damage potential.

And given how her new Phaseflare is shown to work, Samsara feels like it should be a shoe-in skill to go with it, but if the thing stays bugged…

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How and where are you testing it? What action skill did you use? Was it on Sanctuary 3’s target dummy? Did it hit anyone?

I’ve done the whole Youtuber/Streamer gambit for testing, on the Jack dummy, on cars, on skags, on loaderbots. Stripped down everything that could affect my damage numbers and tried it on all the skills and augments except Phasegrasp. I’d been wanting to use it with Fracture on Phaseslam since they finally fixed it to work with Anointments properly.

I have extensively tested Amara’s damage formula, and never did I notice any glitches with Samsara, at least when it comes to the damage it provides. If you can share with me a video of you using it and it not giving you the proper results, or at least share with me the math of your testing, I might be able to help you. I really want to see what’s going wrong because it works perfectly fine with me.

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On PS4 so recording stuff on it is a pain. For the testing though I used a Mayhem 0 level 57 Unforgiven with a non-damage Anointment, base gun damage was 2260, was hitting flesh enemies up to 2400 on non-crits at 0 Samsara but even with 5 stacks I only saw it jump to maybe 2500.

So I did some quick testing. I used a level 65 Unforgiven, with 8290 damage and no active damage anointment. I disabled all Guardian Rank Rewards and Bonus Stats. I unquiped everything but my weapon, and reset my skill tree to only spec 5/5 in Clarity and 3/3 Samsara.

I used Phasecast on the test dummy to gain 5 stacks of Samsara. So the damage I should do with my Unforgiven now should be (8290) * (1 + (5 * 0.05)) = 10,362.5 kinetic damage. So ingame I should see 10K, which is what I saw.

So it’s not glitching on me, at least in these circumstances.

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It might be something on my end then, I tested the healing with the damage too and got the same sporadic results. I may just have to stick with a Knife Drain until I can sort it out.

Shouldn’t be the player’s task to “sort things out” though. These devs apparently have a tendency to ignore known bugs and apparently don’t do enough testing themselves. Do they even play their own game? I wonder sometimes.