Sanctuary 3 customization

We have vault hunter rooms. With what, 4 spaces on the wall? Meanwhile, we have a staggering collection of 80 wall items?
Add some slots throughout the ship! Let me decorate more!
Aside from the vault hunters room, you can only customize hammerlocks room and ellies garage by finding and unlocking car parts or hunting creatures.
Allow me to put stuff on the wall throughout. That’d be neat.


You are really using this feature?


I honestly kinda forget that I can decorate once I’ve put up my four items. No real reason to change them up since I don’t like a vast majority of them or because they just don’t fit the room aesthetic. It might be cool to put up more stuff around the ship and outside just the personal room, but I can tell you they won’t do it.

It’s been a year since release. They still haven’t fixed bugs from launch day. I doubt they’ll add ship-wide “customization”.


Not much else to do in the game now is there?


I put up the illuminated signs to make the room brighter. Now I don’t fall over the giant gun in the middle of the floor every time I go in to check my vault :stuck_out_tongue:


Atm I enjoy playing the story on lower difficulties since you can use nearly every legendary. On harder difficulties you can forget the majority of them. I love it to melt through everything with the Oger, schredifier, Lucians Call or Kaos.


I’d love to have Sanctuary customizable, with more decor spots throughout the ship. I use the equipment slots to store items I might want for specific farms. I’d like more options (or a REAL armory system) to make swapping gear and builds easier.

But really, I just want Moxxie tyo clean up her bar. It’s pretty disgusting and I expect better from her.

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The only useful decoration is that fish head that tells jokes from the Hammerlock dlc, you can spam it in your room to get the 25 jokes for the trophy/achievement quickly :smile:

A bigger issue with the room decos in my opinion is the lighting in most of the rooms is so bad, that everything is dark and you can barely see anything.


I wonder how much % of the players actually cares about any cosmetic stuff.

I doubt we’ll get wall decorations all across the map, I can see it getting needlessly complicated with coop. Speaking of which, even though I don’t coop a lot and only with friends, the room decorations can be useful for finding your room.

The reason why my rooms all looks like strip clubs :joy:

I hate the current cosmetics and how they pollute the drops and LLM. But I’d like a better system that allowed for more customization of Sanctuary, as long as it didn’t muddy up the current drop rates.

I would not mind more weapon skins and shield-effects, assuming they didn’t decrease performance.

Recently played thru on a new character & felt the same way…like, oooh new gun! They’re all awesome!

I put the fish by the door so that it talks every time you enter the room,much less annoying than the Npc’s lol

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