Sanctuary 3 vault wiped

All of my DLC mods and weapons, plus 40+ legendary items have been lost from my vault.

Is there anyway I can get them back??

Especially the once off DLC gear. Super disappointed this has happened.

Was all there yesterday. Updated the game and now it’s all gone.

funny thing is, they were supposed to fix this in yesterdays patch or at least i thought they had but my bank has been wiped aswell. savin stuff in there to put on alts when they reach max level. guess is back to farming.

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I was doing the same. Hence the mass disappointment when all my DLC stuff was wiped.

I can’t get that stuff again. I paid for that gear with the game. Really want this gear back.

you mean the pre-order bonuses?

That and the super deluxe edition dlc.
It’s mostly the XP boost mods and the leg. weapons from the super deluxe.

bit of joke really mate seeing as though you paid cash for it. personally im not that arsed. never get attched to weapons on bl cuz they get replaced all the time.

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Regarding the pre-order content, you can create a new character and just access you inbox in “social” to redeem your bonus content at any time to get the stuff again. It depends on you, the time you access your inbox with your character sets the item level for all these legendaries.


Topic related: So the bank still does not work correctly? I was sceptical as I read the hotfix of yesterday. Disappointing. Have to carry my stuff in my inventory again oooff

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I thought that the social section was for all characters?

I can get the mods etc again as long as I create new character?

Only the inbox section of “social” is unique to seperate characters.

Yes :smiley:

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