Sanctuary after the fact!

I played the new dlc and beat the main boss… didn’t beat haderax in my own game though, not sure that even matters…
I know that in the story that sanctuary has been destroyed but is there no way to play on from before it’s gone? I have to get to the claptrap stash… and do other things… please say there is a way…

You can access the stash from Claptrap’s place in TVHM and UVHM.

As for Sanctuary, it should be in the fast travel list (unless you haven’t unlocked it yet or you’re on the missions where it is off the fast travel - Rising Action and Bright Lights, Flying City)

Sanctuary is still there when you fast travel back. Bit of a time warp. :wink:

Somewhat off topic, ever notice how certain NPCs always seem to follow you around as you FT around to various hub maps? Hammerlock and Moxxi are the two biggest creepy-stalker NPCs I can think of off the top of my head. :wink:

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There’s a reason the lilith dlc is separate from everything else.

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